About Us
    • Cunzhe Yin

      Production Manager
      10 years QC experience in hair factory.

      Email: 605243772@qq.com
      Phone: +86-532-80992360
      Favorite: Music, Movies, Shopping.
    • Emily Wang

      5 years experience in hair business, 
      Good at product development,
      marketing and customer service.

      Whatsapp:+86 18765240680
      LinkedIn:Sami Wang
    • Michelle Li

      3 years experience of hair business, good at marketing and customer service

      Phone: +86-532-80992361
      Favorite: marathon, delicious foo,d traveling and photography
    • Alen Liu

      6 years working experience in hair business, familiar with hair products and production, good at communicating with customers .

      Phone: +86-532-80992361 Skype : alenliu0705
      Favorite: Traveling, Music, Shopping, Movies
    • Vivian Zhang

      Sales Director
      11 years experience in hair business.
      Good at marketing and customer service.

      Email: gyh@goodyardhair.com
      Phone: +86-532-80992361
      Whatsapp: +86-18615327250
      Respect doesn't come from the kind of work you do, it comes from the way you do the work!
    • River Jia

      Sales Manager
      6 years experience of hair business
      Good at marketing and customer service

      Phone: +86-532-80992361
      Favorite: Music, Travel, Reading, Movies
    • Miley Li

      3 years Marketing experience in hair business, enjoy communicating with customers .

      Phone:+86 13806423698
      Favorite:Movie,Reading,Delicious food.
    • Yanxin Wang

      QC Assistant
      Be skilled with synthetic fiber wigs and hairpieces

      Phone: +86-532-80992360
      Favorite words: The stage extends as far as the heart goes!
    • Bruce Wei

      Goodyard Aliexpress Marketing Director
      3 years experience of Aliexpress eyelash business

      Phone:+86 15854274996
      Smarter Shopping , Better Living
    • Kobe Gu

      Marketing & Graphic Designer Professional at costomer design support

      Email:gyh15@goodyardhair.com Favorite:Bastketball,Music
  • After years of development, Goodyard has built up a professional R&D team that can offer our customers with the most practical and fashionable products, and also better improve and design the trendiest products in hair industry.
    Our designers are always looking for trendy styles of each fashionable season, cutting techniques and color trends. With our skilled designers and workers, any of your creative idea and design can become the actual real products which can assist you in your business.