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See Through Skin Hair Systems

Goodyard never ceases to improve and update the quality of all our products.
Now, we are announcing that we have made another important step forward. We make the skin hair systems see-through. You never wanna miss this big thing.

What is a see-through skin hair system?

The see-through hair system does justice to its name.
You can see your scalp through the thin skin base. It is much more transparent and natural.


Why a see-through base is better?

The super-high transparency ensures perfect blending.
The super-high transparency ensures perfect blending.

All the see-through skin hair systems from Goodyard are more transparent than ever. When you put it on, the thin transparent skin base immediately blends into your skin. The hairline in the front and around is so invisible that nobody can tell you are wearing a hair system. Besides, you can style the hair any way you want.

Matte Finish with no unnatural sheen
Matte Finish with no unnatural sheen

The skin hair system of a great majority on the market reflects light very seriously which makes the hair system shiny and visible. I believe you never want this. We make something different. Our see-through skin hair systems come with a naturally dull finish and don’t reflect much light. Plus, it is chemical-free which exempts your worry about allergic problems.

Soft to touch yet more durable
Soft to touch yet more durable

Same as before, the new see-through skin hair systems are super soft and comfortable. But our new techniques make the skin bases more durable and resilient. With the same thickness, the new see-through bases last longer than the old ones.


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