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How To Choose A Hair Topper

A topper is not a full wig. It is essential to make sure that the topper is right fit for you if you are looking for seamless effects that are both safe and effective. Identify your stages of hair loss is important if you want to cover your hair loss with a hair topper. Goodyard hair toppers are also an awesome solution to add the volume on the top of your head or even cover your hair root.

Measure a Client’s Hair Loss Area

To find the perfect hair topper for your client, it is essential to determine the amount of coverage your client needs, depending on their hair loss area. There must be a sufficient amount of hair to attach the clips to. Measuring your client’s hair loss area will help you to determine which base size will be best for your client.

width length

The tools that you’ll need
●A fabric tape measure;
●A pen;
●A piece of paper;

To determine your client’s hair loss area, all you need are two measurements: the width and the length of the hair loss area. Firstly, measure side to side to determine the width, and then front to back to determine the length, and then write these two measurements down. The hair loss area= width x length.

Choose the Right Base Size

To choose the right base size, you need to add one inch onto both the width and length measurements you just wrote down. Be sure to choose a topper base size that is larger than the actual area of your client’s hair loss. If you can't find a hair topper base with the exact measurements you're looking for, go for the next size up to be safe.

Choose the Right Base Size

Choose the Right Base Size

Select the base type you prefer

For people purchasing a Hair Topper for the first time, it can be useful to become familiar with the different types of hair topper bases to help you choose an ideal hair topper. At Goodyard, we offer four different types of bases in our Hair Topper collection. Each of the base types have different pros and cons.

Features of the Different Base Types
DURABLE icoicoico icoicoicoicoico icoicoicoicoico icoicoicoico
BREATHABLE icoicoico icoicoico icoicoicoico icoicoicoicoico

Choose the Right Hair Color

It is important to choose a topper hair color that closely resembles your natural hair shade, so that your client’s hair topper will blend in with their own hair for a natural look.
You can always use Goodyard hair color rings to match your hair color and find the best color match. Or find you hair color in our color system.


Choose the Right Hair Texture

Goodyard sells hair toppers in straight, wavy, and curly texture options. We highly recommend choosing a hair texture that closely resembles your client’s own hair. If there is no perfect hair texture available, we recommend styling the hair topper to match the texture of your hair to achieve an ideal blend.

Choose the Right Hair Length


Matching the topper hair length to your hair length is an essential step in choosing the right hair topper. If the wrong length is chosen it can look unnatural, as the topper will not be able to properly blend with your current length. Hair length is also impacted by hair texture. The hair texture type influences how long the hair appears to be.

Choose the Right Hair Density

Extra light 50% This has too thin density
Light 80% It is extra light density. Here, when the hair is parted it shows the scalp, making your hair look unreal.
Light to medium 100% This hair density is like the above one, when the hair is parted it shows the scalp. But this hair best suits the 65+ women.
Medium 130% It is the regular hair density. Nowadays in trend in the wig market.
Medium to heavy 150% This is the normal density ideally suited for women in 20s, 30s, and even 40s.
Heavy 180% This density is a too heavy one. It suits the special type of thick wigs
Extra heavy 200% We do not recommend this density.

Still not sure how to choose? Contact us by sending your email to with a clear photo to show your bio hair situation.


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