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An Ultimate Guide to Clip In Hair Extensions: Classic Clip In vs PU Clip In vs Lace Clip In

Sep 01,2022

Gorgeous hair is what everyone desires, but poor diet and hectic routines have made it impossible for some people to manage good hair. Moreover, hair thinning is also one of the common problems faced by the majority, whether they are. Now it is not a significant problem as a solution is available. Yes! We are talking about wigs and hair extensions.

Selecting a wig for you is as complex as breaking the bone. Due to loads of questions about hair extension styles and differences between types of clip ins. Considering the situation, this article aims to enlighten you on the difference between three types of clip in to make a choice worthy and convenient.

Different Types of Clip in Used in Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair pieces, you can find a huge variety in color, texture, functionality, and above all, clip ins. These essential elements of hair extensions ensure a good grip for a long time. Here are some common types of clip in that you need to consider before getting a hand on extension.

· Classic Clip In:

As the name reflects, it is the first type of Clip in hair extension used by many manufacturers. If you want one or have one and are willing to get it styled, look for the hair extension salon. The professional handlers can do miracles, but if you are facing the answer that there is no hair extension salon near me, do not worry! You can also style them yourself.

The classic clip in hair extension is a commonly used type. It features a fabric-made band which is convenient to wear. These bands are made by sewing onto a durable piece of fabric following the traditional method of making clip in hair extensions. It is a valuable hair extension to help add volume at the roots and transform the entire look without damaging the original hair.

The classic clip in hair extensions are substantial and are capable of holding a large number of hairs. Such extensions feature blunt, thick to medium-length hair.

· PU Clip In:

PU Clip In is another widely used hair extension that primarily uses a unique glue formula. It is generally known as a Korean clip with silicone rubber which improves durability. This commonly used hair extension is lightweight and feels comfortable on the head.

In PU clip in, are joined with glue to hairs wefts, and the slips are then directly sewn on the weft. The PU chip-in hair extensions are generally made of 50% thinner hair, making the seamless hair clips lay flat against the scalp. The soft fringes can effectively give a natural look.

If you are not a pro with extensions, go for PU clip in, as they effectively hide hair weft under silky smooth and even less hairs. This is the primary reason women prefer these clips over others.

Before giving the verdict, keep in mind that if you are looking for an extension to change the color often, the PU clip in is not your thing. Although the clips have a waterproof base, they cannot be dyed. However, for gym and trips, the silicon clips will provide significant grips to keep hair extension clip in on the place.

· Lace Clip In:

Unlike PU clip in, the Lace clip in hair extensions are made of sewn-on hair extension wefts. The hairs used for the clip are generally real and are sewn like curtains. After completing the task, three more pieces of hair wefts of the same width are sewn together on a typical lace strip with the help of a sewing machine.

The benefit of selecting lace clip in unnatural hair is you can opt to change the color according to your choice. It features thick hairs to give the wearer's head a fuller look. You can easily bleach and change the color of your choice. It is better not to leave the extension in color for a long time.

If you generally like to style hair differently, these hair pieces allow heat styling as they are made of 100% premium-quality Remy human hair. Thoughtfully placed clip in extension offers a fuller look to the targeted area.

Difference between Clip In

Now you have a clear idea of the role of every clip in in every extension. For further clarification and elaborating on the ideal situations, here are some common differences that make every type stand above others.

  • The significant difference is the styling, as everybody wants to style hair differently on every other occasion. Classic and lace clip in hair extensions can be dyed and styled easily as they generally use natural hair. On the other hand, PU clip in features a waterproof base but cannot be dyed due to the addition of glue.
  • The other feature that plays a significant role in offering a long stay on the head is the grip. Both classic and Lac clip in have a firm grip but cannot match PU clip infirm grip. It is due to the fact that PU clip is made of silicon material which has a stronger holds on silky objects such as hair.
  • Clip in is a major factor in deciding whether your extension looks natural. All types of clip in give a considerable real look, but PU clip in is above all. They seamlessly blend in silky, smooth, and all other kinds of hairs. Therefore, it is the number one choice for women dealing with hair fall and hair thinning.


Hair pieces have become a daily need for people facing hair issues. To get the best suitable look, you should do some research to understand the significant aspects to ensure a natural look. Clip ins are a major component of extension to define the whole attire. Therefore, you need to select it really carefully.

We have differentiated some clip in to make your selection easy and worth it. If you are planning to get a hand on hair extensions, consider the above guide to select a suitable one. Every hair extensions prices and benefits are different, which define their style. So, thorough research is necessary to end up with best one in hands.