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How Long does it Take to Put Hair Extensions in

Apr 22,2024

Hair extensions are like magic wands for your hair. They let you play with length, texture, and color without any permanent decisions. Whether you’re a salon pro or online retailer, knowing how long each hair extensions takes is key for your business.

Goodyard as hair extensions suppliers, today we will explore the time needed for different extensions. Whether you’re a superfan or a stylist, choose the right hair extensions is good for you. Let’s journey into different type of hair extensions and uncover the time it takes.

Different types of hair extensions

Wholesale Clip-in Extensions:
Quick and simple to apply, clip-in extensions consist of wefts of hair with attached clips for easy attachment.

Wholesale Tape-in Extensions:
Tape-in extensions are like sticking ready-to-go hair pieces onto your own strands, and make them all blend together seamlessly.

Wholesale Fusion (Bonded) Extensions:
Individual strands of hair are bonded to small sections of your natural hair using keratin in fusion extensions, providing a long-lasting and natural look.

Sew-in Extensions (wholesale weave bundles):
With sew-in extensions, they braid your real hair into neat rows close to the scalp, then they take those wefts of extra hair and stitch them onto those braids using a needle and thread, making sure it’s all tightly secured for a strong and long-lasting grip.


genius weft

Micro-link (Micro-Bead) Extensions:
Micro-link extensions attach individual strands of hair to small sections of your natural hair using tiny metal beads or rings, offering a lightweight and versatile option.

Apply time for different hair extensions

Clip-in Extensions: Quick and easy, usually in just 5 to 15 minutes. You just snap those extra hair pieces into place, perfect for a speedy change that’s not permanent.

Tape-in Extensions: Compare with clip in, it takes a bit longer, about 30 minutes to an hour. You need to section your hair, stick on those pre-taped wefts, and blend them with your own hair seamlessly.

Wholesale Fusion (Bonded) Extensions: These take the most time, around 2 to 4 hours. Each strand of extra hair gets bonded to your own hair using a keratin glue, so it’s all about precision and detail.


I tip hair extension blonde

Sew-in (Weave) Extensions: Also, about 2 to 4 hours. Hair salon braid your natural hair into rows, and then sew the extra hair onto those braids with a needle and thread, giving you a solid and lasting hold.

Micro-link (Micro-Bead) Extensions: About 2 to 4 hours. They attach each strand of extra hair to your own hair with tiny metal beads or rings, aiming for a natural look.

How to reduce the apply time

Different hair extensions have different apply time. Clip ins and tape in can apply in short time. Many things affect how long it takes to put them in. Your own hair’s length and thickness affect a lot. And also, how skilled your stylist is. Plus, the hairstyle you want more complicated also take more long time to apply.

Picking the right extension type depends on you. Think about your lifestyle, what you’re getting ready for, and how you want to look. Talk with your hairstylist before appointment. Make sure you’re clear on what you want. And prep your natural hair beforehand. That can make the process faster and easier. With these steps, you’ll save time and get the look you want.

color ring


At Goodyard, we are dedicated to assisting you through the application journey for all extension varieties. From swift clip-ins requiring mere minutes to intricate fusion extensions demanding hours, the duration varies depending on factors such as your natural hair’s characteristics, your stylist’s proficiency, and the complexity of your desired look.

For wholesale hair suppliers and expert guidance, trust Goodyard Hair as your ultimate destination. Count on us for top quality products and comprehensive support. Ready to elevate your hair business? Reach out to us today to fulfill your extension dreams.