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Men's Hair System Care Instructions

How to Wear and Remove a Hair System?

  • How to attach a toupee
    hair system glue
    Before attaching the hair system, you should be keen to select the right toupee glue. The right glue is essential to confirm that the hair placement is secure on the head.

    How to attach a toupee

    Check below video out..

  • How to remove and wash a toupee
    hair system glue remover
    Before that, we still need to choose a suitable glue remover, which is also a very important preparation.

    Once you are done with the hairpiece or want to switch to a new one, you should use a remover to get off the adhesive used to hold it into place.To do this, spray the remover in the locations where you used tape. Leave it for about 1-2 minutes to make the bond be released. Use your fingers to pill the hairpiece off your scalp. Do this carefully though it is a simple process. The hairpiece may have strands of hair twisted with the natural hair also do it correctly to avoid pulling your hair.
    we are going to start brushing the hair. what we do is grab halfway up the hair instead of grabbing by the base. The next step you need to follow is to place your hairpiece under the faucet. You need to wet and soak it very well using cold to lukewarm water. Do not rub your wig as it can lead to tangling and shedding.
    Wash Your Hair system with a Specialized Shampoo. You need to use shampoo and make sure to use an extremely high-quality product. Search for the best fit for your extension so that it does not get damaged.You need to rinse it with plain water in the sink or under the shower. If your wig is very thick, you can wash it twice to ensure you have removed all shampoo completely.Allow the conditioner to stay for about three to five minutes and then rinse it out completely with plain water.

    Here is a video about how to remove a hair system for your reference:

How to dry your men’s hair system?

Towel dry the hair system
After you get the hair system shampooed and conditioned, take a towel on a flat surface. Use a wide-tooth comb to comb through the hair and remove tangles if any. Then lay the hair system on the towel and fold the other half towel over.Starting at one end, roll the towel into a tube shape, pressing out the excess water as you roll.
Blow Dry the Hair
If your hair system is low-density, then you can let it air dry after the first step. If your hair system is in a medium or high density, you can then blow dry the hair.Before blow drying the hair, apply a thermal protection product to protect the hair from heat.Turn the blow drier on to low and cool settings. Blow dry the hair following its hair direction with the help of a wide-tooth comb. Do not rub the hair.
Blow Dry the Hair System Base
This step is for lace, mono, or silk base units. For skin or poly units, you can skip this step. Drying the hair system base is very important. Especially for the 3-layer silk base, please make sure the base is dry completely. Otherwise, it might smell not good when you wear it.When you blow dry the base, also use a low and cool setting.

How to dry your men’s hair system?

Storage condition
Direct exposure to heat and sunlight for long hours can damage your men’s hair system. Therefore, it is good that you store them in cool and dry conditions if you do not want to damage them.

  • Mannequin heads and wig stands
    Mannequin heads and wig stands are some of the best equipment you can use if you wish to store your men’s hair system for the long term.This equipment can assist in maintaining the structure and shapes of your men’s hair system.You can arrange your men’s hair system according to their length, color and style so that you can easily find them.
    Short-term storage

  • Original package:
    Sometimes when you are buying your men’s hair system they may come with a plastic bag that may be labeled. you can comb their fibers and then store them in their original boxes.

  • Using a plastic zipper bag:
    In case your men’s hair system did not come with bags or the packages are damaged,you can use a small plastic zipper bag. Ensure you carefully insert your wig inside and then close it about three-quarters after you have pressed all air out. You can add a dryer sheet to minimize the build-up of static electricity inside the bag.

  • Silk line wig bag:
    These bags have silk components which are good for your men’s hair system. This is because the men’s hair system assists in reducing breakage, and frizz and can also maintain the moisture of your hair men hair system.


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