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Goodyardhair's Groundbreaking V-light Hair Extension Machine & its FAQs

Apr 30,2024

As a professional in the hair industry, it's important for us to stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in the hair industry. Clients are always looking for new and advanced techniques that provide flawless, natural-looking hair extensions.

Goodyardhair has introduced a revolutionary product that can do just that – the V-light Hair Extension Machine. This cutting-edge tool has the power to completely change your hair extension offerings and propel your business to new heights of success.

What Makes the V-light Hair Extension Machine Special

  • What Makes the V-light Hair Extension Machine Special?

The V-light Hair Extension Machine is the core of this innovative system. It's a cutting-edge device that utilizes advanced V-light technology. This small and user-friendly machine is designed to simplify the hair extension process, so you don't need special skills or extensive training.

With its impressive 8-second fast curing process, the V-light Hair Extension Machine enables you to achieve a full set of extensions in just 30 minutes. You can say goodbye to time-consuming and difficult application methods and enjoy a quick, easy, and comfortable experience that completely transforms your clients' appearance in a fraction of the usual time.



  • Seamless Integration and Unparalleled Convenience

The V-light Hair Extension Machine is made for professional hair salons and stylists. It fits in very well with how you already work, making it easy to use in your services and giving every client an amazing experience.

Applying the V-light Hair Extension Machine is smoother than spreading fresh Skippy peanut butter. Just apply the right amount of V-light resin adhesive to the hairpiece, connect it to your client's natural hair, and use the machine's V-light technology to irradiate the joint for about 5 seconds. This innovative process saves time and effort while producing superior results. The hair extensions blend seamlessly and look completely natural.

The V-light Hair Extension Machine comes with the V-light Hair Extension Glue, a high-quality resin adhesive made for professionals. This glue is designed to work well and be safe. It's made without harsh chemicals, so it's eco-friendly and won't cause allergies. This gentle yet reliable glue helps bond hair extensions securely.

Thanks to its gentle formula, the V-light Hair Extension Glue reduces the chances of allergic reactions or skin sensitivities, ensuring a comfortable experience for your clients. Each bottle contains enough adhesive for about four full head applications, offering long-lasting hold and great value for your money.

The V-light Hair Extension Machine

  • Trusted by Top Salons and Stylists Worldwide

The V-light Hair Extension Machine Kit has become a leading choice for hair salons and stylists all over the world. This kit is famous for providing amazing results and unbeatable ease of use. Many salons have noticed a significant increase in their clients' satisfaction, as well as improvements in their productivity and profitability, after incorporating this cutting-edge system into their services.

According to Sarah, a well-known stylist from New York City, "The V-light Hair Extension Machine has transformed our salon's hair extension services. It's not only made our workflow more efficient but our clients love the natural-looking results and the speedy application process.”

  • Frequently Asked Questions About the V-light Hair Extension Machine

1. How to remove the V-light Hair Extension?

To remove the V-light Hair Extensions, use our V-light Glue Solvent and the Hair Extension Remover Tool. After your purchase, you'll receive a tutorial video demonstrating the quick and easy removal process.

2. How long does the Hair Last?

The Hair Extensions cured by the V-light Machine will grow out along with your natural hair. We recommend renewing them after approximately 6 - 8 weeks.

3. Does the V-light Machine work with all Hair?

Yes, our V-light Hair Machine is compatible with all types of hair, regardless of brands. You can use various types of hair extensions made from natural hair.

4. For how many clients will one bottle of V-light glue serve?

One bottle of V-light glue can be used for up to 3 complete hair extension applications, depending on the amount of hair extensions used for each client.

5. Can I blow-dry my hair after washing?

Yes, blow-drying is perfectly fine. Set your hairdryer to a medium temperature and blow-dry your hair as you normally would.

6. Can I still straighten my hair?

Yes, you can straighten your hair as usual and style it with other styling tools, leaving out the V-light Hair Extension connection points.

7. Is this V-light Hair Extension Machine Kit safe?

Our machine kit has been tested and is safe for use. Before using it, please read carefully through the operating instructions and all safety instructions.

8. Does the UV light emitted from the V-light machine cause any harm to the eyes?

If you follow our safety instructions, the UV light will not harm your eyes. You must ensure that neither you nor the customer looks directly into the light. The machine is equipped with a protective shield that prevents direct exposure to the light source.  Always follow the safety instructions provided in the manual to ensure both you and your clients are protected during use.

9. How should the V-light Hair Extension Glue be stored?

You should store the Glue in the supplied box in order to protect it from UV light.  Please keep the Glue in a cool and dry place, but never in the refrigerator. Protect it from sunlight and high temperatures, and always store it upright.

10. What is the lifespan of the V-light Machine?

The approximate lifespan of the UV lamp is an incredible 30,000 hours, allowing you to serve up to 20,000 clients with this machine.