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How to Start Hair Extension Business: Your Ultimate Guide to Success

Mar 25,2024


Hair extensions are very popular those days. And how to find reliable hair extension suppliers is very important for you. Whether you are a hair extension lover or hair salon. With glamorous hair extensions, you will have a beautiful look and also give you more confidence.

And also, wholesale hair extensions are an industry with considerable profits. Do you also want to start your own hair extension business? Now you maybe not familiar with hair extension business, here is the guide about how to start hair extension business.


I tip hair extension blonde

In this guide, we will tell you how to start hair extension business step by step. From investigate and research hair extension market, research and learn more information of different types of hair extensions, and how to find the reliable hair extensions suppliers, creating business plan and marketing your products.

Whether you consider creating an online store, setting up a hair salon, or both, this guide will provide valuable suggestions and help you start and run hair extension business.

Investigate and research hair extension market

Compared with black hair extensions, Caucasian hair extensions have higher quality requirements. In the world of Caucasian hair extensions, such as Russian hair, European hair, Slavic hair, virgin hair, Remy hair, raw hair are very popular. Because of high quality requirements, the price of Caucasian hair extension is more expensive than black hair extensions.

In countries such as Europe, America, and Australia, the demand for hair extensions is higher. If you want to get into hair extension business, you can research your local hair extension market.

There are many hair extension salons, you can go to the salon, and talk with the salon, also make your own hair extensions from the salon. Chatting with them, and check popular styles of hair extension.

You can also search local websites online. And go to their salons to know more information.
Research the peer website, and research their recent best-selling products

Pay more attention on popular hairstyles, celebrity hairstyles, popular hair color, and your consumer preferences.

Research target audience and customer

When you decide to start hair business, you need to know your target audience and customer. Your target audience age, gender, lifestyle, income, preferences and location. And please consider hair materials,hair quality, hair length, color preferences and hair price they can accept.

When you know everything about them, it will helpful for you to make market plan. You can develop personalized hair product and create marketing messages, and make the interesting market plan for your customer.

Research and learn more information of Different Types of Hair Extensions

There are many types of hair extensions. Each induvial have their different needs and preferences, so different hair extensions to meet different needs.

Now I list some popular hair extensions, and recommend the top sell hair extensions for you. Hope helpful for you.

Most popular Hair extension types at hair salon
1.Weft hair extension
Machine-Made Weft, Genius weft, M-Tied Weft, flat weft, pu weft, hand tied weft and so on
2.Pre bonded hair extension / Fusion hair extensions/ keratin hair extensions / k-tip hair extensions


I tip hair extension

3.Nano ring hair extension
4.Micro ring hair extension

Hair extension customer can put on themselves
1.Clip in hair extension
2.Tape in hair extension
3.Halo hair extension


fashionable colors

4.Ponytail hair extension

Now genius weft sells very well. Genius weft have many advantages.

1. Super thin, light, invisible and comfortable.
2. No return hair, avoid scalp irritation and tangle.
3. Can be cut for unlimited customization
4. Affordable price, genius weft combines the advantages of hand tied weft and flat weft.
Same hair quality, they are cheaper than hand tied weft.
5. More comfortable and reusable
Genius wefts lay as flat as hand tied, those features make genius weft lay flat and invisible on head.

Find reliable hair extension suppliers

Now you have already investigated and research hair extension market, and also know more about different types of hair extensions. And you now must have an idea about how to start your business.

Actually, the most important is that you must need a reliable hair extension supplier.

There are some factors you need to consider for choose hair extension supplier.

1. Quality
It is very important of hair quality. High quality hair can dye or bleach many colors, and can last longer. Also, natural-looking and no tangle. And proper care also very important.

2. Price
To choose the high quality and best price hair, hair factory is your good choice. China hair factory focus on hair research and manufacture many years, they have rich experience in hair production. And hair quality control is very strict and also the price is very competitive.

3.Types of Hair Extension
Find the hair vendor, to check if they have many types of hair extension. Such as different hair extensions: weft hair extension, clip in, pre bonded hair extension, nano ring, micro link hair extensions and so on. And if they have the products you want to sell, such as different hair colors, hair textures, hair length. And if they can do according your request.

4.Customer Service
You can check with them online, to check if they have good customer service. And if you have problems, will they solve for you in time. The best way to check, is to find someone and chat with her/him.

And find the nice seller you want cooperate with. To have a good shopping experience is also very important for you.

5.Return Policy
Check the hair vendor’s return policy, you can go to their website to check. And if you have some questions, you also can contact with them directly.

color ring

6.Hair Extension Suppliers Reputation
You can search online, check their online reviews, check their website and their introduction.
Also, you can inquiry your friend who work with hair business.
Look for hair suppliers with positive reviews and recommended by friends.

7. Request Samples
When you find a hair vendor very nice and you also want cooperate with them, you can request samples from them. Wholesale factory usually supply hair samples. You can evaluate hair quality, texture, and color directly from hair sample.

8. Choose 2-3 Hair Suppliers
You can choose 2-3 wholesale hair suppliers from potential suppliers. If you have only 1 hair supplier, when you have conflict with them or their hair quality have problems, you don’t have enough time to find other hair vendor.

If you are looking for wholesale hair vendor or finding another new hair vendor, you can come to Goodyard hair factory. We have 2 factories, and supply high quality hair products with wholesale hair factory price. We also can customize hair according your needs. More about Goodyard hair.



This guide, we have explained the steps and suggestions for you to start a successful hair extension business. From research the market and your target audience and customer, learn hair extension products and how to select reliable suppliers.

tape in hair extension brown

Start hair extension business is an exciting opportunity for you. If you have any problems for your hair business, please feel free contact with us. Wish you best luck on your entrepreneurial journey!