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How to Achieving Perfect Color Match Hair System

Mar 22,2024

When we talk about matching colors for hair systems, it’s more than just what meets the eye. You can’t just pick a color and cross your fingers. It’s about diving deep into the complexities of natural hair colors, making sure they complement your skin tone, and thinking about how they’ll look in different kinds of light.

Your natural hair might have subtle undertones that need to be matched perfectly. And if the shade doesn’t work with your skin tone, it’s going to stand out like a sore thumb. Plus, different lighting can completely change how a color looks, so you’ve got to consider that too.

Today we will talk about how to achieving perfect color match hair system. And because there are many factors lead to color difference, so it’s important to know the color difference.


Skin Base Hair Systems

We know it’s not just a quick decision. It’s a careful process, from choosing the type of hair that suits you best to getting the color spot on. We’re all about expertise, communication, and getting every detail just right. We’ll walk you through it all, making sure your hair system doesn’t just look perfect but feels like a part of you, comfortable and totally real.

Selecting the Right Hair System

Which hair type works best for the client. Human hair or synthetic? Both have their pros and cons, ya know? Human hair gives that genuine vibe but requires more care. And, synthetic hair is affordable, but it may not natural. To find the right hair system and it suits the client’s lifestyle and budget.

Then, we need to ensure the texture, density, and length of the hair system match the client’s natural hair. We aim for seamless blending, like it’s always been there. So, if they’ve got tight curls, we match that texture. And if they boast thick, lush locks, we can’t mismatch with some thin, wispy hair that sticks out awkwardly. It’s all about coherence and natural flow.

Lastly, let’s not forget about the base materials and construction of the hair system. At Goodyard hair, we have wholesale monofilament hair systems, skin hair system, lace hair system and so on.


mono hair system

No one wants discomfort on their head all day. We consider factors like breathability, durability, and stability. And of course, it’s gotta look good too, right? So, we ponder how the base materials affect the overall appearance—whether it’ll lay flat and seamlessly blend or stand out like a sore thumb.

How to get the perfect color match hair system?

At Goodyard hair, there are three methods you can follow.

Option 1. Using samples from your natural hair

This method is highly recommended. Why? Because we can blend the color from your own locks, ensuring a seamless match. Now, for best results, provide samples from distinct areas: the back, sides, temples, crown, top, and front of your scalp.

Be sure to give us enough to work with—aim for at least 200 hairs in each sample, around 3 inches long. Oh, and avoid covering the samples with adhesive tapes—they can mess with the color detection. And don’t clip the samples either, as light reflection might not be consistent.

Option 2: The color rings.

If you’re not keen on snipping your locks, no worries. You can choose from our color ring. Just pick the ring that matches your natural hair color.

Here’s how to do it: select 3 to 5 rings from the color ring and find the one that blends seamlessly with your hair color. Each ring is unique, so don’t mix and match from different suppliers.


color ring

When making your selection, natural daylight is your best bet—it offers the truest light. But be careful, prolonged exposure to sunlight can damage your hair system through oxidation.

Option 3: Send us your hair picture

This way cannot avoid color difference. Because everyone’s computer monitor or photo lighting is different, so there will be more or less color difference.

So, armed with these methods, you can ensure your hair system stays vibrant and matches your natural hair color perfectly every time.

What will lead to color difference?

When you order hair system at different time, there maybe have some color difference. Here are some reasons lead to color difference.

Lighting matters: Natural light shows true colors, but artificial light can change how colors look.

Color ring: different hair suppliers have different color ring. So, when you have several wholesale hair suppliers, it’s best to remember each suppliers color ring.

Storage method: How we store color ring is another thing. If they’re not kept right, they can fade or change color over time.

Method of use: Using color rings/swatches a lot can also make them wear out. This can mess up the colors and make them inconsistent.

Different types of hair absorb color differently. So, even if you use the same dye, fine hair might look lighter than thick hair.

Any past treatments, like dyeing or bleaching, can also change your hair color. This can make it hard to match with new colors.

People see colors differently too. It depends on their vision and what they like, so everyone might not agree on the best color.

Actually, when you order different batch hair system or order at different time, it cannot avoid more or less color difference.


Achieving the perfect color match for your hair system is crucial. It’s what makes your look seamless and natural, boosting your confidence and comfort levels. When your hair system matches perfectly, you feel truly yourself, which is priceless. Plus, it adds to your overall satisfaction and happiness, making life better.

Expertise, communication, and attention to detail play key roles in this journey. Goodyard hair are professionals and excel in color matching, and we provide invaluable help, ensuring you get the best results.

Keeping communication open with our helps in understanding your preferences and needs. And paying attention to every detail throughout the process ensures precise and accurate outcomes, exceeding expectations. So, by embracing these principles, you can confidently pursue your goal of a perfect color match, knowing you’re in good hands.