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Everything You must Know about Hair Extensions

Mar 11,2024

Hello, my fabulous readers! Today, we will explain everything you must know about hair extensions. And you will know where to find wholesale hair extension. Whether you’re a seasoned stylist or a curious consumer, get ready to explore beautiful hair extensions.
What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions, essentially human hair attached closely to your scalp, add length, thickness, or color to your natural hair. Some last long, others not so much; some even endure up to a year before removal. When matched well in color and texture, they blend seamlessly, making them hard to spot.
You can find top-notch wholesale human hair extensions at hair factories. Treat them just like your own hair—wash, condition, dry, and color them. They offer plenty of room for styling, giving you the freedom to experiment with different looks.

More popular hair extensions types

Wholesale hair extensions available:
Clip-in Extensions: There are clips at the hair weave. Use the clips, you can easy to put on. Just pop them in or take them out whenever you need. It’s perfect for adding length and volume fast, whether it’s for a special occasion or just your everyday look.

Wholesale Tape in Extensions: These come pre-taped and are stuck alongside your natural hair using more tape or glue. They blend seamlessly, giving you that natural look effortlessly.


tape in hair extension brown

Wholesale Fusion Extensions (Keratin, Microbead): Fusion extensions involve bonding them to your own hair using keratin adhesive or microbeads. They last a long time and look totally natural.

Weave/Weft Extensions: These are sewn or braided into your natural hair using a weft. They’re great for adding volume and length, especially if you have thicker hair.


genius weft 2

Halo Extensions: The latest craze, halo extensions are a single weft of hair attached to a thin, clear wire. You just put it on your head like a halo. It’s easy to put on and take off, and perfect for adding volume and length.

Choose the Right wholesale Hair Extensions

There are some factors need to consider when choose the right wholesale hair extensions.

Hair pattern: Make sure the extensions have the same texture as your hair to blend smoothly.
Hair color: And when it comes to color, pick extensions that match your own hair or the color you want for a cohesive style.

Hair length and thickness: Go for extensions that match the length and thickness of your natural hair, and keep hair looking natural.


hand tied weft 3


High hair extensions quality : And always invest in premium extensions, which are made from 100% human hair, and for the most genuine feel and appearance.

Budget: Think about your budget first. When you’re looking for extensions, to find the ones that give you the most value for your money while still keep top quality.

Application Methods
There are two application methods usually.

Professional Installation: Some hair extensions need salon professional install. You need go to hair salon and let your professional stylist install extensions.

DIY Installation: Actually, if you want try and like adventurous, you can install the extensions yourself at home. Some hair extensions need you to buy the professional tool. And some hair extensions don’t need too much special install skills. Such as, clip ins, tape in extension, halo hair extension and ponytail extension.

genius weft


Proper maintenance

No matter how you use those extensions, taking care of them is the key to keep them look absolutely fabulous as long as possible. So, here are some care tips to keep in mind.

First, washing. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to keep those extensions clean and super soft. But hey, don’t go overboard with the washing routine, alright? Too much can dry them out, and we definitely don’t want that happening.

Now, brushing. Grab yourself a wide-tooth comb or a brush specially made for extensions. Start at the ends and gently work your way up to the roots. That way, we’re steering clear of any tangles or breakage. This way will keep extensions smoother and silkier.

Keep your hair extensions healthy, please don’t use heat styling tools too much. It’s all about find that balance. Too much heat can really damage your hair. Oh, and sleeping with wet hair? Big no-no. And hey, don’t forget to slap on some heat protectant products before you style. Gotta shields those extensions from any potential heat damage, right?
pros and cons of hair extensions:
Instantly add length and volume to your hair
Experiment with different colors and textures without committing to a permanent change
Boost your confidence and enhance your overall appearance
Require regular maintenance and care to prevent damage
Can be costly, especially if opting for high-quality extensions
May cause damage to natural hair if not installed or maintained properly

Common misconceptions of hair extensions

First, many people think extensions always look fake. But the truth is, if you install and care for them properly, high-quality ones can blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

Another misconception is that extensions are only for adding length. However, they’re versatile. They can also add volume, experiment with color, or create intricate styles.

Lastly, there’s the worry that extensions will damage your own hair. While there’s a risk with improper installation or maintenance, if you take good care of them, extensions can actually be a safe and trendy way to elevate your look.
How to Style Hair Extensions

Let’s chat about styling your hair extensions! Styling them gives you endless options—whether you prefer sleek straight locks, bouncy curls, or glamorous updos, your extensions are your styling sidekick. Just remember to use heat protectant products and go easy on the heat styling to keep them looking fabulous.

Removing Hair Extensions
Proper removal is key to keep your natural hair healthy. Here are options for you to removal hair extensions.

First, you can go to hair salon and let your professional stylist take out your extensions for you safely. They know how to do it, and will don’t have any damage.

And, if you’d like to do it yourself, you can remove them at home, you can use gentle adhesive remover or oil. Just take your time and be gentle.

After remove the extensions, it’s time to take care of your natural hair. To do a deep condition treatment and restore moisture, and keep your natural hair healthy.

FAQ of Hair Extensions

Can hair extensions damage natural hair?

The wrong installation or improper maintenance will damage your natural hair. But the right installation and care, extensions will be a safe and stylish way to enhance your look.

How long do hair extensions last?

The lifespan of hair extensions depending on some factors. Such as the quality of the extensions, how well you maintain them, and how often you wear them and so on. With proper care, Goodyard high-quality extensions can last more than 6 months, some customer use our wholesale hair extensions more than 3 years .
Can you dye hair extensions?
Yes, our natural black hair extensions can by dyed. If your hair extensions bleach and dyed already, it’s better not dye again. If you don’t have experience, it’s better let your professional stylist to do for you. Usually, light color can dye to darker color. Please keep in mind that dye extensions may affect their texture and lifespan, so be careful when you decide to do it.

seamless clip ins

Will hair extensions shed?
Some minimal shedding is normal with hair extensions, especially during the first few wears. However, excessive shedding may be a sign of poor quality extensions or improper installation.
Can hair extensions cause hair loss?
Hair extensions themselves don’t cause hair loss, improper installation or maintenance can potentially damage your natural hair and lead to hair loss over time. It’s important to follow proper care guidelines and avoid any practices that may cause excessive tension or stress on your hair.

Hair extensions themselves don’t make your hair loss, but if they’re not correct installation or not take good care, they can damage your natural hair. That’s why it’s crucial to stick to the right care guidelines. And avoid any practices that may cause excessive tension or stress on your hair.


In summary, hair extensions aren’t just accessories. Are you experiencing painful hair loss, do you want to have more beautiful hair, do you want to change your look, or do you want to have new wholesale hair extensions supplier? Through this blog, you know more about hair extensions? And do you still have any other things about hair extensions? Please feel free leave message to us. Goodyard hair always welcome you.