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Power of Private Label: Elevate Your Salon with Custom Hair Extensions

Jun 03,2024

In the world of salons and beauty, being competitive means offering more than just the usual services. Private label products are essential. They’re made by one company, like Goodyard Hair Supply, but sold under your salon’s brand. This lets you offer exclusive products, customized for your clients, giving you an edge in the market.

Hair extensions are a big deal in salons everywhere. They give clients the chance to get the hair they want - longer, fuller, styled just right. But mass-produced extensions might not cut it for everyone. That’s where custom extensions come into play. They let salons give clients exactly what they need - extensions that match their hair type, color, and texture. With custom extensions, salons can offer a personal touch that keeps clients happy and coming back. It’s a win-win, boosting business and keeping clients satisfied.


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What are private label hair extensions?

Private label hair extensions are made by one company but sold under another company’s brand, usually a salon or beauty brand. For salons, private label products mean they can offer custom-made extensions that fit their clients perfectly. These extensions are made, packaged, and tailored exactly as the salon wants, giving customers something special and exclusive.

Private label hair extensions help salons build and reinforce their brand. When you offer custom extensions with your salon’s branding, it makes your clients feel special. They know they can only get these extensions from your salon, which boosts their loyalty to your brand.

Custom hair extensions give salons another way to make money. Because private label products are unique to your salon, clients are happy to pay more for them. Plus, offering personalized extensions that match their needs makes customers happy and loyal, which means they come back and tell their friends about you.

With private label hair extensions, salons can control the quality and customization of their products. This means you can ensure that the extensions meet your salon’s standards for quality and consistency. Whether it’s selecting the type of hair, choosing the length and color, or even adding special features like clips or tape, you have the flexibility to create extensions that perfectly match your clients’ preferences. This level of customization sets your salon apart and allows you to provide superior service to your clients.

Goodyard Hair Supply: A Leader in Private Label Extensions

Customized packaging:
We get it—branding and presentation matter. That’s why we do customized packaging for your stuff. Our team designs the packaging to match your logo and specs, so it really shows off your salon’s vibe. It’s all super affordable, so you can step up your brand game without blowing your budget.

Private label service:
With our private label service, your salon’s brand is the star on every product. We keep your custom packaging at our factory and send it with every order, all tagged with your label. This way, your clients always see your salon’s name, making them trust and stick with your brand.


Private Label Services

Drop shipping:
Make your life easier with our drop shipping service. We’ll ship your order straight to your customer, saving you all the time and stress. Doesn’t matter if your client is nearby or far away, we take care of the shipping so you can concentrate on giving top-notch service.

Wholesale pricing:
Here at Goodyard Hair Supply, we’re all about giving our partners the best wholesale hair extensions price possible on everything we offer. As a salon owner, you get wholesale rates on our top-quality hair extensions, so you can make good profits while giving your clients the best.


Branding and exclusivity strengthen your salon’s identity and keep customers loyal. Personalized offerings and premium pricing increase revenue and customer loyalty. Quality and customization ensure your salon delivers top-notch products tailored to your clients’ needs, maintaining your competitive edge.

Using custom hair extensions and custom hair systems through private label programs can really boost a salon’s game and make it stand out from others. When salons team up with suppliers like Goodyard Hair Supply, they can design extensions that match their brand and satisfy their clients perfectly. The options for creativity and personalization are limitless, which is why custom options are a must-have for salon owners and stylists aiming to level up their business.


lace base hair system

Goodyard Hair Supply’s Private Label program is the go-to for salons wanting top-notch custom hair extensions. They offer everything from personalized packaging to private labeling, drop shipping, and wholesale pricing. This makes it simple for salons to create and provide premium extensions that match their brand and wow their clients. By teaming up with Goodyard, salons open doors to growth, more profits, and happier clients.