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What is a Machine-Made Weft?

Jul 03,2023

A hair weft is a collection of hair strands that are sewn together on a cloth strip that is super thin. Your hair stylist will use a hair weft to work into your hair by employing different methods of attachment. There are different types of wefts, and machine-made wefts are one of them. These wefts are made mechanically and can be cut to different sizes. They add volume to make the hair appear full and gorgeous. Using machine-made wefts is an economical and easy way to add bulkiness and thickness to thinner hair without causing any damage to natural hair. This article entails everything you need to know about machine-made wefts.

The Difference Between Hand-made Wefts and Machine-made Wefts

The difference between handmade wefts and machine-made wefts comes down to their manufacturing. Handmade wefts are tied together by hand. On the other hand, a sewing machine combines hair strands into machine-made wefts. Both these types have their own place and significance in the hair styling industry. However, there are some key differences between them. Hand-made wefts are sewn together meticulously, and as a result, they become thinner and less noticeable as compared to machine-made wefts. The sewing together of machine wefts requires a fair amount of hair to be caught and sewn by the machine. Therefore, they are significantly thicker. Machine-made wefts can be regarded as two to three times denser than  handmade wefts.

Pros of Machine-made Weft

  • Machine-made wefts can be sized and cut according to a client's head. Therefore, they are typically more durable and desirable.
  • These wefts provide more thickness   because of their density and volume.
  • The cost of these wefts is less as compared to that of hand-tied wefts. The reason is that it requires less intensive labour during the process of manufacturing.
  • Any custom length can be achieved by using machine-made wefts without shredding. People usually prefer these wefts due to the availability of different lengths and sizes.
  • These can be easily found from hair suppliers or vendors.

Cons of Machine-made Wefts

  • The major disadvantage of using machine-made wefts is that they are bulky.
  • As far as efficiency and functionality are concerned, these wefts are great. However, when it comes to comfort and ease of wearing, they might feel heavy on the head.
  • Moreover, if not sewn with meticulous care, these wefts can appear to have an unnatural appearance.
  • The heaviness of the machine weft can lead to damage for clients with fine hair.

Final Words

With the advancement of technology, the hair extension industry is striving to offer the latest and best techniques on the market. The machine weft was the first weft to be offered in the hair extension market decades ago. Since then, the hair extension industry has undergone many changes, which have led to fine detailing and improvement in machine-made wefts. One of the most important features of these wefts is that they can be cut to size. These wefts come in different sizes, lengths, and colors, and it is your personal choice to choose the one that meets your requirements. A professional stylist can help you choose the best hair extensions for you.