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What Is Classic Tape-Ins?

Jul 08,2022

Tape extensions are popular because they're simple to apply, lightweight, and almost unnoticeable since they lie flat on the head. As the lightest & least harmful kind of permanent hair extension wefts, tapes may be used on all hair types, from fine to thick, making them ideal for anyone with a variety of hair textures. Tape extensions come in various colours and lengths, including our stunning new Balayage colours! We'll go through the basics of applying, removing, and reusing masking tape in today's post. We'll go through the benefits and drawbacks of this sort of hair extension styles, as well as how to properly manage it.

What Is Tape-In Extensions for Hair?

A 4cm wide weft of hair is bonded to the hair with an adhesive tab at the top, creating a permanent hair extension. The adhesive that is used in the production of tape extensions is a kind of medical glue that is also utilized in the production of plasters and other types of medical forms. The hair extension prices vary with providers.

The adhesive side of the tape is covered by something like a paper tab that can be peeled away and re-taped with each usage, making this process fast, straightforward, and cost-effective. It is possible to cut tape extensions into smaller pieces to provide a more subtle highlight effect, as well as varying lengths and colors.

How Are Tape-In Extensions Applied?

Tapes are put on the hair by combining two wefts and putting your own hair in between. So that loose hairs don't stick out of the tab, the piece of hair in between the tapes should be just a little bit thinner. There should also be the same amount of hair in-between each strip to guarantee that it can support the weight of an extension from any hair extension salons near me.

Applying permanent extensions to too little hair may cause damage and hair pull; always imitate the weft/strand weight. For a natural appearance, the brickwork pattern is the most popular choice for placing the tapes, but your hairstylist at a hair extension salon will make the final decision.

How Do You Take Off Tape-In Hair Extensions?

We offer a mild oil-based citrus tape hair remover which effortlessly loosens and removes tape extensions. Removers containing acetone may have a strong, unpleasant scent and might irritate your scalp if they're alcohol-based. Because they are gentler on skin and hair, oil-based removers are the best choice.

Using a remover solution, liberally spray the top of each tab, wait 30 seconds, and then feel the tab begin to loosen. Afterwards, remove the tape from your hair extension. If the tape is resistant and seems extremely secure, you may use the end of a pintail comb to push the tabs apart slowly. Gently take the tapes away from the hair extensions clip in. Make sure you re-spray each portion of your sandwich once you've removed one-half of it.


Tape-ins save time since they don't need to be applied & reapplied as often. They're perfect for the gal on the move. They may still be straightened or even curled if necessary, and if they are in excellent shape, they can also be reused after removal.