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A Quick Guide to Hand-Tied Tape-ins And How To Use Them

Jul 10,2022

Any hairstylist worth their salt probably knows about the great debate between hand-tied hair extension wefts and tape-ins. Which one is the best for a hairstyle? Which one is easier to use? So many questions!

And a good hairstylist would know that both hair extensions have their merit. Yes, hand-tied wefts blend in better with hair extension styles and are generally lighter. But, they’re also the costliest amongst hair extension prices. Tape-ins on the other hand, are cheaper and way easier to install. It’s a tough choice.

But what if your clients didn’t have to choose? What if you had the best of both worlds?

We’re talking Hand-Tied Tape-In hair extensions. Awesome, right? Let’s learn more!

What are hand-tied tape-ins?

Hand Tied Tape-In Extensions are created by hand-tying strands of hair and attaching them to a tape weft base. It is an intricate process that combines the flexibility and thinness of the hand-tied hair extension with the ease and affordability of classic tape-ins. The end result is a tape-in that’s thin and delicate enough to naturally blend with the original hair.

The  tape wefts are thinner than the classic tape-ins and lighter too. In fact, hand-tied tape-ins are an awesome choice and the only extension that comes close are Invisible Injected Tape-in Extensions.

How to install Hand-tied Tape-in hair extensions

You don’t need any special training to work with hand-tied tape-ins. They are installed like your classic tape-ins but with greater care for the strands. All you need to do is:

  • Make sure your client’s hair is clean.
  • Start at the neckline, or close to it.
  • Part the hair into sections thick enough to hold the tape.
  • Apply the hair and first tape 3cm below the intended part.
  • Add pressure to the weft
  • Then sandwich the hair with another tape on top. Make sure they are aligned and touch each other.
  • Repeat.

And that’s how you apply hand-tied tape-ins.

But that’s not all. A hair extension salon is only as good as the hair it sells. If you use bad tape-ins on your clients, they’d be horrible no matter how careful you are. Using quality hair like GoodYard hand-tied tape-ins will ensure that your clients hair turns out perfect, and stays that way.

Why should you choose GoodYard Hand-tied Tape-ins?

Tape extensions are currently the most popular semi-permanent procedure in the salon. So, when your clients google “hair extension salons near me,” they’d want to see top-tier tape-ins. We can help with that. All of our tape-in extensions are produced from pro-quality, double-drawn Remy hair. And our hand-tied tape-ins are specially crafted by hand, one strand at a time.

Reasons why you should shop our collection of hand-tied tape-ins include:

  • It’s reusable. Our tapes can go for up to three applications.
  • They can be cut from anywhere
  • They are highly customizable. Just send your order.
  • The knots and wefts are more invisible
  • They come pre-taped and ready to apply
  • Tapes are made in the USA
  • Delivery is super-fast.

And if that’s not enough to click that “order” button, here are other reasons why you should pick GoodYard Hair Tape-ins over any other brand’s. Choose quality. Shop our hand-tied tape-ins today.