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How to find the right size for the Hair Topper?

Apr 29,2022

Hair is one the essential things for both men and women. Hair is a way to express the feelings and be more confident about themselves. However, there are many people who face hair loss, and some even lose all of their hair. This can be because of a lot of different factors, such as age or medical reasons.

Whatever the reason, all of this takes a significant toll on the person's mental health. They feel terrible about themselves, and their self-confidence decreases a lot. Now there are a plethora of different options that help people gain their self-confidence and feel good about themselves. Among these options is something called hair toppers. Hair toppers are one of the best hair replacement treatments that are non-invasive but give you a complete hair set. Hair toppers for thinning hair and baldness are the perfect thing for women.

Hence, here you will learn everything about hair toppers and how to find the right size according to your head.

What is a Hair Topper?

There are different kinds of hair replacement things that can be used to cover hair loss. Wigs, hair extensions, and hair toppers all come under the same genre. But the hair toppers are different from the other two.

Hair toppers are also called the half wig because they cover a specific portion of the head. Unlike wigs, they don't go over your complete head and are made for a specific part. You can attach a hair topper on your scalp and hide the bald patches or the thinning of hair.

Therefore, hair toppers can work great for people who have alopecia or hair loss. It will help them build their self-confidence and make them look good.

Benefits of Hair Toppers:

Following are some of the amazing benefits of using hair toppers.

  1. Conceals hair loss:

Once you secure the headpiece in your scalp, it will cover all of your bald patches. It will cover the head, but it will also provide volume and texture to the hair.

  • Less damage:

It is better to use these hair toppers rather than take treatments for hair volume and texture. Hair toppers can work well to give you the volume and length without damaging the hair.

You can even style the hair with heating tools without damaging the natural hair. Hence the hair topper for thinning hair works excellent and won't cause further damage.

  • Lightweight than the wigs:

Another excellent quality of the hair topper is that they are very lightweight and breathable. Since they are not as big as the wigs and cover a portion of the head, they feel very light. You can even wear it for the whole day without feeling any irritation on the scalp. Therefore, a great and comfortable alternative to the wigs.

  • Allows you to open your hair:

You need to tie your hair in a bun to appropriately fix the wigs. However, the top benefit of the hair topper is that it allows you to keep your hair open. You can simply attach it to your scalp without keeping your hair in a bun. Your natural hair blends in with the hair topper and gives a natural and seamless look.

  • Realistic and natural:

The wigs can sometimes look fake, and people can see that you are wearing a wig. But when it comes to hair topper for women, they look natural. The hairs of the hair topper and the person's natural hair blend perfectly. The cap of the hair topper also blends seamlessly with the natural scalp. So this gives a realistic and natural appearance to the head.

  • Variety in styles:

You can find so many different colors, lengths, and styles in the hair toppers for women. Not only in style, but you can also find synthetic fiber, human hair, and many other hair toppers. You can even find different lace caps for the hair toppers. You can pick whatever you want according to your liking.

How to find the perfect size for a hair topper?

It is essential to find the right size of hair topper if you want to be comfortable. Even if you find the right color of hair toppers, you need to check the base size. If you want to find the right base size for your hair topper, you need to measure it correctly.

For this, you'll need a measuring tape. Put one end of the measuring stick at the front of the head or wear the thinning of hair starts. You also need to measure the thinning or bald patch from side to side. If you take this measurement properly, it is ensured that you can have the perfect size of the base cap of the hair topper. You can also find some pre-made hair toppers for thinning crown area.

If you have the perfect size of the hair topper, then you can wear and style it comfortably without feeling irritated.

Where to find the best hair toppers:

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Therefore, this is the best place where you get the most durable and affordable hair toppers for your salon.

There are thousands of people all over the world who are suffering from various hair problems. Hair loss, hair thinning, and even bald patches is very common. Since hair is essential for a person, losing hair can be challenging and emotional. So for such individuals, hair toppers are the best solution.