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Flat weft vs genius weft: What’s the big idea!

Jul 22,2022

Every hairstylist wants their client leaving their hair salon, feeling like a million bucks. And it all begins with selecting the best, most appropriate hair extension wefts that fit their tastes and looks. You want them to love all their hair extension styles at first sight. But it’s not that easy. There are so many hair extensions in the market, that it’s hard to pick one from the get-go. But it’s not impossible. In this article, we are going to break down two often-purchased hair extension wefts; Flat Wefts and Genius Wefts.

These wefts are similar in so many respects, but also have their subtle differences. Therefore, at the end of this article, you should be able to differentiate between the two wefts and educate your client on which is best for them.

Flat weft

Flat hair extensions are also called flat silk weft, ribbon, or hybrid hair extensions. However, they no longer hold a monopoly to the last name, we’ll get to that later. The flat weft is basically a combination of the hand-tied weft and the machine weft. It is a perfect blend of comfort and durability.

Flat wefts aren’t handmade, therefore they are cheaper than hand-tied wefts, but costlier than the machine weft. They are also very thin, and feature a slim piece of silk at the installation side for reinforcement.

Advantages of Flat Wefts

Flat wefts are luxurious, and these shows in their hair extension prices. However, they are worth the investment. And this is why:

  1. They are great for thinning hair because of their lightness of the weft and hair.
  2. They are very customizable and can be attached with micro rings, clips, tapes or sewn-in.
  3. Unlike hand-tied wefts, flat wefts aren’t folded. So, there are no short, irritating return hair on the weft.
  4. Flat wefts can be cut from anywhere without unraveling, unlike hand-tied wefts.
  5. The attached silk carries the bulk of the weight.

How To Install Flat Weft Extensions?

Flat wefts do not require a degree in neurophysics for installation. You can use any method that suits your client and which you know. However, using silicone beads is a sure-fire way to utilize the beauty of this extension weft.

Adding flat weft hair extensions to the hair can take a varying amount of time, depending on the technique you use, the amount of hair extension added, and your skill too. However, the range would ideally be between 1 - 4 hours.

Remember to let your clients know that flat wefts are not forever. They would need to come into the salon for touch-ups and redos. The flat weft extension is long-lasting, however it will have to be maintained every 1-2 months, else they’d fall apart. This can ruin the extensions and your client’s scalp.

Genius Weft

Genius wefts are the omegas of wefts. If you are looking for a weft that combines all the benefits of the other wefts, and your client is not squeamish about price, then the genius weft is your choice. They're another excellent hybrid weft, and combines everything nice in flat wefts and hand-tied hair extensions.

Genius wefts do not feature a silk ribbon like flat wefts. They are also heavier in the bottom and great for volume. These wefts are beautiful and lay against the scalp well. They also look a lot like hand-tied wefts too. It’s no wonder why they’re more expensive. But trust us, it’s worth it.

Advantages of Genius Wefts

If you’re still considering whether to add genius wefts to your hair extension salon inventory, you’re about to receive a serious nudge to stock these beauties. Here are some advantages of the genius weft extension.

  1. It has no folded-over hair/retur hair. This means it's more comfortable to wear for clients with sensitive scalps.
  2. The genius weft is denser than the flat weft and hand tied weft. So, they’re great for adding thickness & length to any hairstyle.
  3. It is easy to color genius weft extension.
  4. Like flat wefts, genius wefts can be cut at any point too.

How To Install Genius Wefts

Like flat wefts, genius wefts can be installed with most hair installation techniques. Make sure you note your clients preferences and peculiar scalp features  before you choose a technique. Use a heat protector, and keep the hair away from chlorinated water.

Now you know your flat wefts and your genius weft, you’re ready to take on these beautiful weft styles. Customers will surely love your genius and flat weft catalog when they search “hair extension salons near me.” So browse through our collection of flat wefts, genius wefts, and hair extensions clip ins to stock your salon at giveaway prices!

Got any questions on flat or genius wefts? Feel free to reach out.