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How To Choose Your Wholesale Tape Hair Extensions

Apr 17,2022

Tape in hair extensions are a product that can revolutionize your salon or store. They’re a popular choice for women looking to add volume and length to their hair in the most natural way possible.

Here, we will go through the different options when it comes to choosing tape hair extensions through our wholesale program.

This article is essential reading before you decide which type of extensions and hair choice works for you.

Different types of tape-in hair extensions

There are three types of tape in hair extensions for you to choose from, with each offering something unique to your clients. You’ll want to do your research and choose one that works for your client base and provides the price point and features that you want.

The Classic hair extensions are the most popular choice, great for everyday style. However, if you’re looking for tape hair extensions that give a natural finish, look no further than the Injected tape in hair extensions. Or Hand-Tied tape extensions are 100% hand-tied, creating invisible knots that blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

One thing that is often overlooked is the actual tape of the extensions. (we can facilitate specific requests if you have a tape in mind for your extensions) Typically, our tape hair extensions use tape imported from Walker Tapes in the USA. We’ve chosen this tape due to its durability and hypoallergenic fabric, which leaves no residue behind.

Hair types to choose from for your extensions

After deciding on the extension type and tape, consider which hair you want to use. There are three to choose from at the Goodyard Hair factory, giving you options that reflect the price point of your brand and the purpose of your extensions.

Pure virgin Remy hair is unprocessed and intact, with all the hair cuticles pointing in the same direction. This high-quality hair has never been bleached or chemically processed, making it the healthiest and most natural-looking hair choice.

Virgin Remy hair is similar and has not been dyed or permed, meaning that your client can style these hair extensions however they desire. 

Regular Remy human hair is still 100% natural human hair but has previously been dyed or permed, meaning it is not as healthy as the virgin and pure alternatives.

Packaging your hair extensions

At Goodyard Hair, we offer a free packaging service to our wholesale customers. Giving your product personalized packaging that ties into your overall branding can help elevate its look and make it more appealing to your customers. Branding has never been more valuable as the hair extension industry grows increasingly competitive.

If you have a personalized branded backing card or box, we’re able to package your hair extensions directly into these so that they’re ready for sale on arrival.

Do you want to find out more about our tape hair extensions wholesale service? Contact us directly at gyh@goodyardhair.com