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I-Tip Hair Extensions: A Complete Guide

Feb 28,2024

What are I-Tip Hair Extensions?

I Tip Hair Extensions, is also known as stick or bead extensions, are a highly sought-after method for enhancing natural hair. They are also one of keratin bonded hair extension.
They involve small sections of hair, each featuring a miniature, cylindrical tip crafted from either keratin or silicone. These tips are meticulously attached to tiny portions of the individual’s natural hair using a micro-ring or bead.

Other names for I Tip Hair Extensions?

  • Stick Tip Hair Extensions
  • Bead Tip Hair Extensions
  • Micro Bead Hair Extensions
  • Shoelace Tip Hair Extensions
  • Micro Cylinder Hair Extensions
  • Cold Fusion Hair Extensions
These alternative names typically highlight different aspects of the extension. Such as the method of attachment or appearance of I tip.
For example, ”Stick Tip” and ”Shoelace Tip” emphasize the slender shape of the extension tip, while ”Bead Tip,” ”Micro Bead,” and ”Micro Link” draw attention to the small beads or rings used to secure the extensions.
”Micro Cylinder” also refers to the tiny cylindrical shape of the extension tip.
Lastly, ”Cold Fusion” specifically denotes the method of attaching the extensions without using heat, which is characteristic of I-Tip extensions.
These varied names provide options for customers to choose based on their preferences or stylistic needs. So, they provide various options for individuals seeking this type of hair enhancement.

Why choose I Tip Hair Extensions?

I-Tip Hair Extensions can add your hair length, volume, and even popular color. With tiny strands hair and discreet tip that blends seamlessly into your natural hair. Then you will get natural, glamorous look.
I-Tip Hair extensions are super flexible, with them you can rock different styles, lengths, and colors to match your mood. And, when you applied, I tip hair extension will at your head a few months. With proper care, they can last for several months, keep you looking fabulous in a long time.
They’re low-maintenance, you can treat them just like your natural hair. They can wash and restyle. And, when apply I tip hair extension, they don’t need heat. So, there’s less damage to your natural hair.
But there are also a few things need us to consider. The application cost will be a little higher than other methods. But trust me, the result is worth it. Because it will take some hours to apply the extension, and also need professional technology and equipment. so, it needs high requirements for stylists, so compared to clip ins or tape in or other extension, the installation cost is relatively high.
But don’t be worried, you’ll get the perfect look with the help of professional stylist. I tip will blend seamlessly with your natural hair. And also, regular maintenance is crucial. Please remember schedule regular maintenance appointments and keep your extensions use longer and looking fresh every day.
They’re one of good ways for you to achieve a dream look. Trust me, once you try them, you’ll love them and dont want take them off.
Now where you can get high quality and affordable I-tip hair extensions? Here I will tell you.

Where Should You Buy I-Tip Extensions? - Goodyard Hair Is the Best Option

There are many ways for you to buy I tip hair extension. You can order online website, your local salon , your friend ,exhibition and so on.
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At Goodyard Hair, we are pride of offering top-notch quality extensions. At here you will feel like a goddess. Our I-Tip extensions are made from the best human hair. We choose raw hair materials with care and precision.
It’s not just quality, but also the competitive price. And sufficient supply capacity. We have 2 factories. So, we can supply wholesale hair price for you directly.
We offer a wide variety of wholesale hair extensions. Every individual has unique hair needs, so we offer a wide range of lengths, colors, and textures. Whether you’re looking to add length, volume, color, we all can meet your needs.
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More frequently questions of I-Tip Extensions

How long do I-tip extensions last?

Wondering about the lifespan of I-Tip extensions? Well, it all depends on how you treat them. Normally, I tip extensions can last more than six months. If you take good care of them and handle them gently, they can last longer. So, with proper maintenance, you can keep extensions beautiful for even longer!

Do I-Tip Extensions Damage My Bio Hair?

When you done correctly and with proper care, I-Tip extensions shouldn’t damage your natural hair. But it’s crucial to install them by professional. Incorrect application or removal will lead to problems. such as breakage or thinning. So, if you use it safe and follow the right procedures, you can use I-Tip extensions without any worries!

Can You Reuse I-Tip extensions?

When you go for Goodyard hair I-Tip extensions, you’re in for some benefits, and one of the biggies is that they’re reusable. We’re all about top-notch quality hair, so when you choose us, you’re looking at getting up to a year of reuse out of your I-Tip extensions, as long as you take care of them right.
It’s all about giving them “Tender, Loving, Care” they need to stay looking good and lasting long. So, when you pick I-Tip extensions, you’re not just getting instant beauty but also long-term value.


Now, we’re wrapping up this guide on I Tip Hair Extensions. They’re offering seamless blending and loads of versatility. With a little “Tender, Loving, Care”, they can stick around for quite a while, making them a solid investment for your hair.
Whether you’re after volume, length, or just a fresh look, I-Tip extensions have got you covered. So, why not give them a shot? Get prepared to flaunt those amazing new locks like you own the place! Trust me, you’re gonna look and feel like an absolute superstar with your fresh hairstyle.
And at last, do you still have any other questions about I tip hair extensions. Anything, please feel free leave message to us. Goodyard hair always welcome you.