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Everything You Need to Know about Genius Weft Extensions

Feb 27,2024

Genius weft, because of its unique design, it become more and more popular those days. This blog will explain what is genius weft, the advantage of genius weft. And from analytics genius weft and hand tied weft difference, then you will know more about genius weft.
This blog will help you to know genius weft or hand tied weft, which one is more suitable for you. And where you can buy best quality and affordable hair weft.

Genius Weft vs Hand-tied Weft


What is genius weft?

Genius weft is a popular hair extension wefts in recent years. They are made on a machine with a thin flexible seam and glue to avoid shedding. Genius weft has the advantages of both hand-tied wefts and flat weft hair extensions. They created the most perfect weft hair extension. From the appearance, Genius weft is almost as thin as hand-tied weft, but they are more flexible.
Genius weft have many nice names. Many hair companies give them many beautiful name. Such as: Hybrid weft, seamless weft, Co-Z wefts.

Advantages of genius weft

1. Super thin, light ,invisible and comfortable. Our Genius Weft is incredibly thin, flat and light, making it our most invisible weft.
2. No return hair ,avoid scalp irritation and tangle. Compare with machine weft hair extension, there is no return hair. Because this unique design of genius weft, when you use genius weft, there is no scalp irritation, matting or shedding.
3. Can be cut for unlimited customization They can be cut like machine weft, so it is easy for customization. When apply genius weft hair extension, you can cut the weft anywhere, along the seam for the perfect fit , and no waste hair. And there is no shedding after cut for genius weft.
4. More comfortable and reusable Genius wefts lay as flat as hand tied, those feature make genius weft lay flat and invisible on head.

What Is Hand-tied Weft Hair Extensions?

Hand-tied weft hair extensions are extremely popular. They offer natural appearance. Hand-tied weft are exactly like their name, they are hand sewn construction. They give you the thinnest track of hair weft. They create the lightest and most invisible hair weft application.
It is woven by hand, to woven this style weft need one person long time. And create the absolutely thinnest weft. So, they can seamlessly blend with your natural hair, they are extremely flat. With hand-tied weft, you can achieve a volume, seamless look and full density , beautiful coverage.

Advantages of Hand-tied Weft

Extremely thin, when applied, you will achive great volume, fullness and looks natural. Can by reused and style any hair type you desired. No damage to natural hair.
Extremely thin track of weft, can lay flat to the head, blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Because their extremely thin of the tracks, so the wefts can be stacked and folded to fit client’s head. The stacking and folding won’t add bulk.

The difference between Genius Weft and Hand-tied Weft

Cut or cannot cut?

Hand tied weft cannot be cut. If you use scissors cut the hair tied weft, it will unravel. And you will have to reseal those ends. Some stylists sometimes cut the weft and seal ends with glue. But we don’t recommend this process. It sometimes will lead shed.
Genius weft can be cut anywhere, and without shed. You can cut the genius weft extension according client’s head. With genius weft extension, you will get the look and fell of hand tied hair extension, but you also can cut the weft for easy customization. Create smaller pieces and make the perfect fit for your client’s head. It’s genius, same as the name.

Production processes?

Hand tied weft is 100% hand tied by person. Genius weft is machine made. Their production processes are different.


The production processes are differnt, so the price also different. Because hand tied weft is 100% hand tied by person. But genius weft is machine made. So genius weft have more competitive price than hand tied weft.

More frequent question about genius weft

Is genius weft better than hand-tied?

Genius weft price more competitive than hand tied. And also can cut anywhere. It is also thinnest . If you want same look and feel with hand-tied weft , but also want affordable price, you can choose genius weft extension. There is no folded over hair of genius weft. No return hair , so it is more comfortable to install for sensitive scalps.

Can you cut a genius weft?

Yes, you can cut anywhere, without shedding.

Where to buy high quality genius weft and wholesale hair extension ?

Now you want to have competitive price and high quality genius weft, Goodyard hair is the place for you. We have specials in hair since 1984, we have two factories and enough stock, can meet your needs. We are wholesale hair vendor in China.
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Our hair extensions are made from high quality unprocessed hair. We both offer ready-to-wear stock hair products and customize services based on your request. We also supply free hair sample. And low MOQ service.

The most popular color of genius weft

We are hair factory, we also keeping up with the times. We have the most popular color for you. We also can customized hair color according your request.
Here are our best seller color, which one you like? Please feel free contact with us.


Want thin track of hair weft, without any folded over hair, you can cut anywhere? Go with genius weft.
Not worried about return hair? want a weft that you dont need cut? Hand tied wefts will perfect for you.
Hair weft is an excellent choice for people who are looking volume hair. We have many types of hair extension. This blog, we explained genius weft and also hand-tied weft. Each hair extension has their own advantage, then can meat different person request.
And we also have large hair stock, we have 2 hair factory, and special team. If you want wholesale hair extensions, please feel free contact us. Do you also have any other questions? You also can leave message to us.