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Skin Wefts: All you need to know about this invisible wonder!

Aug 19,2023

No client wants people to know they’re wearing an extension. In fact, It is easy to ignore hair extension prices, if they can give you a completely natural look. The more hair extension wefts blend into the scalp, the better. And although there are many hair extension wefts that give a natural feel, most don’t hold a candle to the one and only skin weft.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the wonders of the skin weft, what they are, how to install them, and why your clients would love these beauties.

What is skin weft?

Skin wefts are a variation of tape-in extensions. Actually, they are better. Skin wefts were created to mimic hair growth. It is made  of strands of hair threaded into a PU or adhesive tape strip all the way to the top. They are seamless, and lay flat on your scalp too.

There are three major types of skin weft hair extension styles:

  • One-sided adhesive skin wefts
  • Two-sided adhesive skin wefts
  • Skin wefts with separate adhesive included (but not on the weft)

What is the difference between skin wefts and tape ins?

Conventional tape extensions feature a wide tape section at the top of the weft. This is easily seen in hair. Skin wefts, on the other hand, don't have this shiny tape panel because the hair is threaded through all the way to the top.  

Therefore, it looks like hair growing from the scalp.

What are the benefits of skin weft extensions?

The skin weft hair extension has several benefits. They include:

  • They are practically invisible.
  • They don’t have seams.
  • They like flat against the scalp.
  • They give a very natural look.
  • You can color skin weft  hair extensions.

How to install a skin weft extension?

Skin weft extensions are installed just like tape ins. But we’ll show you nonetheless. When clients search “hair extension salons near me,” you want them to know that you know your stuff. So, here’s how you install a skin weft.

  1. For one-sided skin wefts: Just fold the skin weft panel over the hair section, and hold for a few seconds to secure the tape.

  • For two-sided skin wefts:

Here, you’re placing the double-sided tape in between two sections of hair. First, carve out thin sections of hair and put a two-sided skin weft extension between two sections. Hold the sandwiched section with clips to secure them, then release.

How to care for skin wefts?

Skin weft extensions can last years before they’re too bad to wear again. However, note that tape extensions are temporary, and can only last a few weeks when installed.

Remind your clients to come back for touch-ups and give them the following hair care instructions:

  1. Hair products (oils, conditioners, etc) should not be used on the adhesive tape.
  2. Apply a heat protectant spray before using heat tools on the skin weft — or any hair.
  3. Allow hair to dry fully before combing
  4. Put your hair up, or tie it when about to sleep.

Skin wefts are easily removed by applying  removal product to the adhesive on the skin weft, let it soak in, then gently extract the skin weft.  

You’re missing out if you haven’t stocked this awesome hair in your hair extension salon. It is all the rage! And sells as much as tape ins and hair extensions clip in. So, hurry now and order your own set of GoodYard Hair Skin Weft Extensions!


Martha Chavez
Jan 29,2024
Can I have more information, prices and pictures on Skin Wefts. I need one for the hair growth on my forehead!!
Diane Porter
Jan 11,2024
Are the skin weft reusable? What glue and removed do I need? What is the price of all these needed products in Canada price? How much is shipping? Postal code T1B4P4