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V Light Hair Extensions A Comprehensive Guide

Mar 18,2024

Recently, V Light hair extensions have become the talk of the town, captivating both salon professionals and clients. Today we will explore V Light hair extensions, the newest sensation revolutionizing the beauty industry. Within this blog, we immerse ourselves in the realm of what is v light hair extensions, V-light method of hair extensions, How long does V Light extensions last, transformative advantages, and where to find the high quality wholesale v light hair extensions.

V-Light System for Sleek and Natural Hair Transformation

The V light system is designed to adhere to each strand of hair, ensuring a sleek and flat appearance. Its adhesive is akin to the innovative ”combline” hair extensions, albeit with a larger attachment. This makes it suitable for clients with fine or thinning hair.

V-Light Hair Extensions represent a cutting-edge advancement in the realm of hair extensions. Unlike conventional options, V-Light extensions feature a unique design and composition that optimizes both aesthetics and comfort. With innovative features such as lightweight construction and seamless blending, V-Light extensions offer a natural look and feel unmatched by traditional extensions.


 V-LIGHT Hair Extension Machine Kit

What is the V-light method of hair extensions?

There are two ways for V-light method of hair extensions
1.You can directly stick loose hair onto your natural hair using V Light glue.
2.Attach small pre-taped hair by V Light glue.

V-Light hair extensions have revolutionized the approach to treating thinning hair. Thanks to their meticulously crafted lightweight design, these extensions offer a natural and comfortable feel. The V Light Glue simplifies application and seamlessly blends with natural hair, providing an undetectable finish. They boast high security and have garnered rave reviews on TikTok.

v light hair extension kit

Traditionally, adhesive is used in salons to secure tape-in hair extensions, ensuring they stay in place. With V-light, we take it up a notch by curing the glue and tape together using light. This innovation allows us to attach extensions at the sides and top of the head, effectively covering bald areas.

Are V-Light hair extensions good?

Due to their intentionally lightweight design, these extensions offer a natural and comfortable feel. V Light Glue simplifies the application process and seamlessly blends with natural hair, providing an undetectable finish.


I tip hair extension 4 color

Praised on TikTok for their security, these extensions are comparable in size to micro-bond hair extensions and are applied using both tape and adhesive. Salons often employ adhesive to reinforce tape hair extensions, ensuring they remain firmly in place.


How are V-light extensions removed?

The V-light system involves applying a silicone-based oil to the extensions, allowing it to sit for approximately 10 minutes. The tabs are then gently removed, and the extensions are slid out of the hair. A heated tool may be utilized to assist in removing the mini-tape. To remove any extra fall of natural hair, we gently use a pick and fine-tooth comb.

How long does V Light extensions last?

Once installed correctly, V Light dedicated hair extensions can remain on the head for approximately 8-10 weeks without falling off. Removal of the extensions becomes easier after about 4 weeks.

Why Choose Goodyard hair V light hair extension machine kit?

Goodyard is known for providing high-quality wholesale hair vendors, ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business. We have V light hair extension and also V light hair extension machine kit .

v light hair extensions kits
The machine emits light for 10 seconds to solidify the environmentally friendly resin glue, enabling quick installation in just 30 minutes.

Properly installed V Light dedicated hair extensions can stay securely on the head for 8-10 weeks, with easier removal after 4 weeks.

This patented technology product is certified by EU CE and US FCC, ensuring safety and healthiness. Additionally, V light hair pieces can be reused 2 to 4 times, adding to their value and sustainability.


In conclusion, V-Light hair extensions have surged in popularity, offering sleekness, security, and comfort. This guide has explored their innovative design, application methods, and longevity. V-Light extensions represent a cutting-edge advancement, surpassing traditional options with their lightweight construction and seamless blending. Whether for aesthetic appeal or practicality, these extensions provide unmatched benefits.

hair factory

With high-quality options like those from Goodyard Hair, customers can expect premium products meeting safety standards. As V-Light extensions revolutionize the beauty industry, they empower individuals to embrace their unique style confidently.


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