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How can a stylist choose topper colors for your customers?

Jun 01,2022

Ever heard of hair toppers? If you have, then kudos, you’re a pretty good stylist. And if you haven’t, no worries. In this article, we’ll show you what they are and most importantly, how you can choose the perfect hair topper color to match your natural hair.

What are hair toppers?

Think toupees, but for women. Hair toppers for women are small, wig-like hair systems that are worn on top of the head to add volume and depth to thin or balding hair. Toppers can also assist to conceal uneven hair loss around the crown and part line; spots that hairstyling methods or extensions cannot conceal.

The hair topper is not a full wig, and can take weird shapes. IIt is built in a variety of ways to carefully conceal issue spots. For example, there is a hair topper for thinning hair, and there’s a hair topper for thinning crown.

How are hair toppers for thinning hair installed?

There are both temporary and semi-permanent hair toppers. Temporary toppers are usually secured with clips that simply snap into place at the hair roots, whereas other more permanent toppers use double-sided tape. People with fragile hair should never use clips, as they can apply too much pressure on the natural hair and scalp, which may cause hair loss.

Asides picking the right installation method, you need to be certain about the color before you pick a hair topper for women. The wrong topper color can make it obvious you’re using artificial hair.

Here are some tips to choosing the right hair topper color.

How to choose a suitable hair topper color?

The majority of customers are dark-haired or light-haired with different textures. Some clients also have hi-lites and low-lites. Each hair is unique and should be treated carefully.Your hair topper should be as near to your natural hair color as possible. However, it might be difficult to find a precise color match for every hair hue, so here are some ways to choose the right hair color.

1. Color Ring and Swatches

You can buy a color ring. A color ring will allow you to compare your client’s hair to the hues of several hair swatches in order to select the color that is best. You can also use color swatches found on hair vendor websites. For example, the Goodyard hair topper color swatches can help direct you to pick the best color.

2. Use a hair dye

Another trick is to purchase a light colored hair topper and dye it to match the shade of your natural hair color. We say light colored hair, because it is difficult to lighten dark colored hair. We recommend you use blonde hair, like platinum blonde.

3. YouTube it

If you don’t have time to get a color ring, a great way to find the perfect color is to check YouTube. You’d see different people wearing various colored hair toppers and showing how it looks under different lighting conditions.

4. The skin hack

This is not an exact science, but you can figure out which shade matches your client’s skin by checking out their undertones. Simply examine their wrist veins: individuals with cool skin undertones will have blue or purple looking veins, while those with warm skin will have green-ish veins. If it’s looking both green and blue, then it might be neutral.

Note that darker colored skin might not show veins, hence why we say it is not a science. Warm toned skin should look for lighter toned hair, and vice versa.

However, your topper does not necessarily have to match your hair perfectly. You can wear a different colored topper as long as your root color matches the topper’s root color. This is crucial, even if you want a blonde topper. Again, always choose quality hair toppers. They are hard to find and you could end up searching “hair toppers near me” and “hair topper uk” all day, but they exist. We exist.

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