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How Can You Prevent Bio Hair Damage because of a Hair Topper?

Jun 12,2022

Hair is one of the most significant assets for both men and women. Hair is a way through which people show feelings and express themselves. Some people have colorful, bold hair colors that show their bright personalities. Some individuals like toned-down hair that is a representation of them.  

Therefore, having healthy, thick, and luscious hair is essential. But hundreds of people worldwide do not have the best hair. People face many health problems, stress, and environmental issues due to which they lose their hair. If you are also facing hair loss, you don't need to worry. Now in the market, there are a lot of alternatives that will give you a look at healthy hair. There are different options, such as wigs, hair extensions, and hair toppers. Here in this article, you will learn about hair toppers and how you can prevent bio hair damage because of hair toppers.

What is a Hair Topper?

Before learning anything about the damage, let's see what hair toppers are. Hair toppers are one of the most popular kinds of hair alternatives for people with thinning hair. Some people might get confused between a hair topper and a wig. The hair topper is basically made for a small part of the head. Unlike a wig, they do not cover your entire head.

Hence, hair toppers are very lightweight and easy to use. They add incredible volume and length to the hair. Another great thing about hair toppers is that they are very natural. They blend with your natural hair and look like you are not wearing anything. Hair toppers can e found in various different styles, shades, colors, and lengths. So, every person can find the perfect topper according to their liking.

Benefits of Hair Toppers:

Following are some of the fantastic benefits of using hair toppers.

  1. Hair toppers are perfect for people who suffer from alopecia or have bald patches. These hair toppers will perfectly conceal the hair thing and give you the ultimate thickness.
  2. The hair topper is very natural-looking. The lace cap of the hair toppers blends with the natural hair seamlessly and provides the perfect look.
  3. The hair toppers are very lightweight, durable, and breathable. Therefore, they are very comfortable when appropriately styled.

Other than this, there are many different pros to using hair toppers. This is why they are considered the best option for thinning hair.

Hair Topper and Bio Hair Damage:

Are hair toppers secure? Can Hair toppers cause hair damage? These are some common questions people might have before using the hair toppers. People already facing hair thinning want to feel sure that the hair toppers won't cause further damage. And the fear of damage might hold them back from using the hair toppers.

But to answer the question no, there are significantly fewer chances the hair topper causes hair damage. However, sometimes the hair toppers can be a bit uncomfortable and can cause pulling of the hair. This can lead to hair falling.

How to prevent Bio Hair Damage:

If you are thinking of trying hair toppers and want to have a comfortable experience, then follow the three points below.

  1. Pick a larger cap size:  

One of the common mistakes people make while picking their hair topper is choosing the wrong cap size. This then leads to hair tugging and bio hair damage. People usually prefer the smallest hair topper size that they can find in the market. However, this is not a good option. Always look for a bigger capsize because the larger the cap size, the better. If you have a large-cap size, then the weight of the hair topper is appropriately distributed. It won't cause pulling of the hair because of the gravity, and you can have a comfortable experience. Another reason for getting a larger hair topper is clipping. When you have a small hair topper, the clips are clipped to fewer hair strands, causing a lot of pressure on them. However, if you have a larger cap, have more clipping space, so the pressure is not on a couple of strands.

  • Don't Style the Hair Topper on the Head:

It is always advised to style your hair topper on a mannequin head instead of your own. Using hairdryers, straighteners, or any kind of heating tool while the hair topper is on the head can be damaging. The constant pulling pushing from the devices can cause the pulling of the bio hair. It is always suggested to use a dummy and then style your hair topper. After that, you can clip it to your hair.

Also, while clipping the hair topper, ensure that you are clipping it properly. Use more significant chunks of hair strands and clip the hair topper on them. This will reduce the weight and also prevents the hair tugging.  

  • Lace Front Hair Topper:

Another practical thing that you can do to reduce the bio hair damage uses lace front hair toppers. Lace front hair toppers are glued to the hairline. Therefore, they cause very minimal hair pulling.

All you need to do is use glue or a tape and glue the lace close to your hairline. Ensure that you are cutting it first so that it fits perfectly. The lace front does not have any clips so that they won't damage your hair. Another great thing about lace front hair toppers is that these hair toppers are very secure, therefore, very comfortable to wear as well.


Hair toppers are an ideal way to conceal the thinning of hair or bald patches. These are a perfect way to add volume and thickness to your hair. If you are trying to look for some fantastic hair toppers, then Goodyard hair is the perfect place. They have a tremendous variety so that you can find the best hair topper according to your preference.