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How to Choose Hair Topper Wholesale Supplier

Jun 13,2022

Changing your hairstyle is one of the fastest methods to change your appearance. However, excessive use of chemicals for this purpose can cause irreversible damage to your hair. For this reason, wigs and hair toppers are getting more popular day by day and hair toppers wholesale suppliers are growing abruptly. Wholesale hair products suppliers provide you with several wig options and offer comparatively affordable rates. Nevertheless, the problem is that it has become difficult to spot the best wholesale vendor that can cater to your needs. This article will help you choose a hair topper wholesale supplier by giving you important tips.

Select Reputable Wholesale Suppliers

Hair toppers, hair extensions, or hair weaves are popular among many people for several reasons. If you choose the right hair supplier, you can have beautiful hair at a reasonable price. When purchasing hair toppers you need to be a smart consumer. You should contact reputable, prestigious, and long-time sellers who are certified to produce and sell hair toppers. You can find them online by doing some research, and you can also ask people in your proximity who wear wigs. It is always advisable to do your research before buying any product from any wholesale vendor as it will save your money and other resources.

Purchase from Wholesale Vendors Having Hair Toppers of Clear Origin

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make while purchasing a hair topper is choosing a low-price item without a clear background or origin. These hair toppers are usually of poor quality and lack durability. They can cause damage to your scalp and hair. There have been reported cases of buying such hair toppers that caused infectious diseases in their consumers. Therefore, you need to inquire with the wholesale supplier about the material, origin, and durability of the hair toppers before purchasing them. You can choose a wholesale supplier to analyze the credibility of their answers.

Know the Production and Supply Capacity of a Wholesale Supplier

You need to know the production capacity of a manufacturer or the supply capacity of a supplier before placing your orders. For a small business, most of the orders for wholesale hair toppers have a minimum purchase quantity which limits your style options. However, if you want to place a larger order, it is advisable to discuss production capacity and turnaround time with the supplier so that you do not face any difficulty in the future.

Make a Sample Order to Choose the Wholesale Supplier

If you are purchasing from a wholesale supplier for the first time, ask the vendor to give you a sample order. This will give you an idea of the quality of hair toppers they manufacture and supply. Placing a sample order also gives you an idea of their supply process. You get to know how much time a wholesale supplier takes to deliver your order and in what condition you receive it. If you place a big order without taking this sample test, you may end up getting low-quality, poor hair toppers.

Compare Prices and Quality of the Wholesale Suppliers

Hair toppers with real human hair are expensive as compared to those made with nylon or silk yarn material. You need to enlist the most reputable wholesale suppliers and ask them for the price of the same type of product, that is hair toppers. Note these prices down and compare them keeping in mind the quality of hair toppers they are providing. The net price may vary from place to place. Therefore, it is better to ask for more than just the initial price. You can ask how much the cost changes if you use a different lace or add density or length to the topper. This process will help you find a supplier that offers your desirable hair toppers at the most affordable price.

Check the Exchange and Return Policies

At times you may receive products you are not satisfied with. For this reason, it is important to know the return and exchange policies of the wholesale supplier. The vendors who do not have clear policies on the exchange or return of undesirable products are not credible. Make sure you understand the policies better before you place an order. Choosing a vendor that has explicit exchange and returns policies, and ensures to observe them would be better for your business. You cannot keep on changing your supplier as it affects the profit margin.

Go Through the Customer Reviews

In the present era, people usually prefer purchasing online. If you are looking for a hair topper wholesale supplier online, you need to go through their website and check all the customer reviews. It will give you an idea about the efficiency and credibility of the vendor. Most of the time, you can avoid making a mistake just by reading customer reviews and holding yourself back from ordering something that looks appealing online. Customer reviews can save you from investing your money in the wrong place.

Connect Personally to the Wholesale Vendor

If you are starting your hair business or you already own a salon, you need long-term contact with a wholesale supplier. Knowing the suppliers personally will enable you to observe if they are genuine and want to help you in expanding your business. You need to have mutual trust if you want to work together for the long term. Therefore, it is advisable to connect with the supplier personally and tell them your requirements so that they can provide you with the desired products. If a wholesale supplier fails to build a trustworthy work relationship with you, you need to find some other vendor.



Choosing a hair topper wholesale supplier for your business can be a serious task, but if you consider the above-mentioned points, you can connect to the right supplier. Selecting the right vendor is important not only because it will enable you to get the desired products, but also because the credibility and reputation of your business depend on the quality of these products. Therefore, you need to put some extra effort into choosing the most appropriate supplier. It may take some time and resources to find the right supplier, but it is worth all the effort.