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How to Lighten the Dark Roots of a Hair Topper: Effective Methods and Tips

Jul 11,2023

If you wear a hair topper and find yourself facing the challenge of dark roots that don't match your desired look, there are various methods available to help you lighten them and achieve the desired result. In this comprehensive article, we will explore three highly effective techniques for lightening dark roots on a hair topper: hair color sprays, root concealer powders, and root touch-up kits. These methods offer temporary solutions that effectively address the issue and can easily be removed or washed out according to your preference. It is crucial to note, however, that attempting to lighten dark roots by bleaching the hair is strongly discouraged. Bleaching can lead to severe adverse reactions and potential damage to the delicate hair fibers of your topper. Instead, we will focus on safe and reliable alternatives that will allow you to attain a seamless and natural appearance with your hair topper. By examining each approach in-depth, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of their benefits, application techniques, and considerations to make an informed choice and ultimately achieve lighter roots that perfectly complement your desired look.

1. Hair Color Spray

Hair color sprays are an excellent choice when you need a quick and temporary fix for dark roots on your hair topper. These sprays are available in various shades to match the color of your hair topper's roots. Here's how you can effectively use hair color sprays to lighten dark roots:

a. Select a hair color spray that closely resembles the tone of your hair topper's roots. It is crucial to choose a shade that seamlessly blends with your natural hair color, ensuring the attainment of a realistic and authentic outcome.

b. Application Technique: Before applying the spray, make sure your hair topper is clean and dry. Shake the can well and hold it a few inches away from the dark roots. Apply the spray evenly, focusing on the areas that require lightening. Be cautious not to oversaturate the hair.

c. Even Coverage: Ensure you achieve even coverage by combing or brushing the sprayed areas gently. This will help distribute the color and create a uniform appearance.

d. Follow Instructions: Every hair color spray has specific instructions for application and removal. Read and follow these instructions carefully to achieve the best results. Remember that hair color sprays can be easily removed by shampooing, providing you with flexibility for color adjustments.

2. Root Concealer Powder

Root concealer powders offer another effective method for temporarily lightening dark roots on your hair topper. These powders work by providing coverage and blending with the existing hair color. Follow these steps for successful use of root concealer powders:

a. Choose the Right Powder: Select a root concealer powder that closely matches the color of your hair topper's roots. Look for a shade that blends well and creates a seamless transition from the dark roots to the rest of the hair.

b. Application Technique: Ensure your hair topper is clean and dry before applying the root concealer powder. Using a brush or applicator, apply the powder directly onto the dark roots. Gently blend the powder into the roots using light strokes or by tapping with your fingers. Continue until you achieve the desired lightening effect.

c. Blending for a Natural Look: To create a natural appearance, gently comb or brush the hair after applying the powder. This will help blend the color and eliminate any visible lines between the roots and the rest of the hair.

d. Easy Removal: When you want to remove the root concealer powder, simply wash your hair topper with shampoo. The powder will wash out easily, allowing you to try different shades or adjust the color as needed.

3. Root Touch-Up Kits

Root touch-up kits provide a convenient option for lightening dark roots on your hair topper. These kits are widely available in drugstores and beauty supply stores and offer better coverage compared to sprays or powders. Follow these steps to effectively use a root touch-up kit:

a. Find the Right Kit: Look for a root touch-up kit that matches the color of your hair topper's roots. These kits typically include a brush or applicator and a color formula specifically designed for root touch-ups. Ensure you choose a shade that will seamlessly blend with the rest of your hair.

b. Before beginning the application procedure, carefully read the instructions supplied in the package with great care. Because different kits may have varied requirements and application methods, it is vital to carefully follow the recommendations to achieve the best results.

c. Application Technique: Begin by sectioning off the hair topper to ensure precise application. Use the brush or applicator provided in the kit to apply the color formula directly to the dark roots. Work your way through the sections, ensuring even coverage and blending with the rest of the hair.

d. Allow for Set Time: The root touch-up kit instructions will specify the recommended duration to let the color set. Follow these instructions diligently to achieve the desired lightening effect. After the set time, rinse or wash the hair topper as instructed to remove any excess product.


Important Note: Avoid Bleaching

While it might be tempting to consider bleaching the dark roots of your hair topper, it is important to understand the limitations and potential risks involved. Bleaching is only suitable for hair toppers with natural black hair color and should not be attempted with any other colors. Alternative hair pieces have their limitations, and attempting to bleach anything other than natural black can lead to uneven coloring or damage to the hair fibers.

When confronted with the issue of dark roots on your hair topper, it is essential to consider safe and efficient methods to lighten them. Hair color sprays, root concealer powders, and root touch-up kits offer temporary yet effective solutions that provide impressive coverage and can be effortlessly removed or washed out as desired. It is important to select the method that aligns with your personal preferences, carefully follow the instructions provided with the products, and take into account the care instructions specific to your hair topper. By adopting the appropriate approach and maintaining proper care, you can successfully achieve lighter roots, resulting in a flawless and natural appearance when wearing your hair topper.