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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Hair System Supplier

Oct 14,2021

You’ve decided to grow your business by selling hair systems. Whether you’re a hair salon or stylist, your first challenge will be to find a reliable hair system supplier to work with. Your wholesale supplier will make or break the success of your hair systems and help you scale your business or hair salon to the next level. Choosing the supplier for wholesale hair systems is like finding the perfect business partner.

You want to go into the process with your eyes wide open by knowing what to look for to choose the right hair system supplier. The right wholesaler will deliver you a consistently high-quality product that builds your brand’s reputation and allows you to grow your sales and expand your business. We’re sharing five things to consider when choosing a hair system supplier to help to develop a partnership that will give you the tools you need to grow your business.

  1. Ask about production capacity

Whether you’re a new online store or a hair salon with an unbeatable reputation, you need to know what the manufacturer’s production capacity is. Most orders for wholesale hair systems will have a minimum purchase quantity which may limit you to fewer style options as a smaller business. If you’re interested in making a larger order, it’s a good idea to discuss production capacity and turnaround times.

  • Ensure that they have various designs

One thing to look out for is the manufacturer’s design options. The best hair system suppliers will offer a variety of designs that cover both popular and natural styles, with more contemporary and on-trend alternatives. You should see hair system designs within the manufacturer’s portfolio that would appeal to your target demographic.

  • Discuss stock supplies and levels

Most hair system suppliers will have stock readily available to ship out to their customers. Transparency is at the heart of any business arrangement, including ones between hair salons and their wholesale hair system supplier. You want to make sure to discuss stock supplies and how quickly you can receive standard hair system products that are actively in production.

  • The option for custom services

If you’re a hair salon, you want to offer your customers to ability to access custom hair systems. It’s a way to bring your hair salon to the next level by offering a luxury service. This aspect is one you want to consider when choosing a hair system manufacturer, including whether you can create custom hair systems with a larger order quantity.

  • Delivery time

In most cases, your hair system supplier will be thousands of miles away from you. You want to choose a wholesale manufacturer that can meet a set delivery time to ensure that you always have hair systems in stock for your clients and customers. The hair system supplier should be able to give you a guideline on their standard turnaround and delivery times, as well as keeping you updated on any delays.

Most hair system manufacturers will offer the option of expedited delivery for an additional fee if you’re ordering last-minute stock. Delivery times are something you must keep in mind when planning and developing your business strategy.

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