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How to Choose the Right Hair Color for Your Client’s Hair System

Oct 22,2021

Offering custom color hair systems to your clients can elevate your service and bring your business to the next level. Whether you’re a salon owner, hairstylist, or run an online store, you want to be able to give your client a range of options for their hair systems. 

While hair systems are available in standard colors and a variety of popular options, most businesses don’t offer every shade in the rainbow. You want to consider how every hair shade is different, with its own nuances and individuality – just like your client’s personalities. 

The beauty of hair systems is that they offer your clients a highly customizable and natural-looking way of concealing hair loss and thinning. For the most realistic look possible, your clients want to be able to choose a hair system that matches their own. You’ll be their guide in choosing the right custom color for their hair system. 

We’re sharing a few of our tips on how to make sure that you choose the right custom hair color for your client’s hair system. 

1. Send a hair sample for an exact copy

One of the best ways to ensure you get the right hair color for a client’s hair system is to provide a sample of their natural hair. Using a hair sample makes it easier for us to create a color that will blend seamlessly with your client’s natural hair. 

For the best results, we recommend providing a sample of your client’s hair from at least three different areas. Providing different samples means that we can find the most suitable color that works with their existing hair shade. The ideal length of the sample should be 3 inches, with around 200 hairs in the sample.

When you’re sending the sample to us, avoid covering it with adhesives or any form of tape. 

2. Find a match with a color ring

Not every client will be able to provide you with a hair sample. A color ring is the next best alternative and allows you to discuss the color selection with your client, either in-person or online. You’ll have dozens of hues and different shades to choose from, allowing you to collaborate with your client on deciding the color for their hair system.

Start by narrowing down your options to 3 – 5 shades on the color ring that works for your client before testing how it blends with their natural hair. It’s worth remembering that every color ring is different, and you want to make sure that you’re using the color ring provided by us. Using the incorrect color ring may result in you sending the wrong swatch number.