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Hair Direct Closed, What Should I Do for Hair Systems Business?

Feb 14,2022

Hair Direct was one of the most popular professional hair system manufacturers that shockingly went out of business virtually overnight. Thousands of salons and online stores suddenly found themselves without a supplier with no warning. The loss of Hair Direct could have been a ‘make or break’ moment for these businesses. Many of them had spent years developing a business relationship with Hair Direct and suddenly found themselves out in the cold. But where can these companies now go?

That’s where Goodyard Hair comes in. We’re the leading choice for hair loss solutions that offer the most natural-looking appearance. As a wholesale manufacturer, we work with clients across the world to create lace, mono, skin, and silk base hair systems. Are you looking for a new hair system manufacturer? Read on to here why Goodyard Hair is the perfect alternative to Hair Direct.

Custom ordering

At Goodyard Hair, we work with businesses across the world to help them meet the needs of their clients. We’ve kept our supply chains working throughout the pandemic by working closely with our suppliers and following strict health and safety guidance.

Our ‘in stock’ portfolio includes a wide variety of men’s hair loss replacement systems, including euro-injection, French lace, and frontal hairpieces. Whatever your clients need, we can provide. Our customer service team is able to cater for custom orders – from hair density to length, base type and size.

Our custom ordering system is ideal for hair stylists who are working closely with clients who have unique hair loss replacement needs. In these scenarios, the stylist can offer a custom hair loss replacement system on behalf of their client directly through us. We also offer a color matching service to ensure that your client gets the most natural looking finish for their wig.

Hair replacement systems

No two hair replacement systems are the same. At Goodyard Hair, we strive to offer our customers as many varieties of choice as possible. We also offer all the necessary accessories that an e-commerce or hair salon could need for our hair replacement systems, creating an all-in-one platform to serve all your needs.

When you’re choosing a hair system from Goodyard, there are usually four popular choices to choose from.

Our lace base offers a transparent and invisible finish that is durable, soft, and breathable – while being ideal for hair replacements for the front hairline. Our mono base is the most durable of the four and is ideal for heavy density hair systems but is less breathable than a lace base, although there are less hair knots.

The third option is our skin base that is ultra-thin and uses v-loop technology to achieve the most natural look. This hair system is soft and comfortable, but less durable than the previously mentioned wigs. Finally, our silk base gives the most natural look of any of our hair systems, creating the illusion that the hair is growing directly from your scalp. Do you have any questions about ordering wholesale hair systems from Goodyard Hair? You can send us a message at gyh12@goodyardhair.com to speak directly to our customer service team.