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Hair Systems: A Solution to Your Hair Loss Problems

Jun 08,2022

Are you thinking about getting surgery for hair replacement? Do you face hair loss? If so, then you are going to take the wrong step. A better option is a non-surgical treatment. It is the best option for people who face severe hair loss issues and are about to get bald. Using a non-surgical hair replacement, you can quickly get back to your old appearance where you had a head full of hair.

The hair system is a non-surgical solution. It is a much cheaper option than surgical replacements, where you need to save up tons of money before you go through the whole process. It is a safer treatment which makes it more popular than surgical treatments.

If you are in the process of buying a hair system, this article helps you identify which one is most suitable for you.

What is Hair System?

A hair system is a synthetic or high-quality human hair hairpiece or partial wig utilized to conceal baldness or for theatrical purposes. It's also known as hairpieces, toupees, or units. Most people think that hair systems for men exist only, but they forget that the hair system for women also exists. Many women use them to expand their current hair or cover a partially exposed scalp.

Polymers, meshes, or a mix of the two are commonly used as the foundation of a hair system for men. More precisely, mesh cloth gives a natural and unnoticeable hairline and is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. On the other hand, polymers are highly durable, less costly, and easy to attach.

Hair used in a hair system for men can be made up of human hair, synthetic fibers, or animal hair. European hair is the costliest because of its softness. Asian hair is black and straight, making it the cheapest as it must be dyed or bleached before usage. Furthermore, human hair is extremely delicate. Whether you opt for the cheapest or the most costly hair system, all of these types require frequent upkeep and replacement over time.

How to choose the best hair system for men?

Here are some of the factors you can keep in mind when choosing a hair system:

1. The material used to make the hair unit:

The first, most basic step you need to go through is to check the base material. Lace and poly are considered as the best material for hair units. Choosing any one of them for your hair system replacement ensures that you will have the best hair system of your dreams.

If your top priority is breathability and flexibility in your hair unit, then lace material will be ideal. If you want greater adaptability and an invisible finish, then go with a poly hair system. However, the lifespan of any substance is determined by its base material. It would help if you made base material the top priority when choosing any hair system.

  • The color of the hair:

Your customer's hair color should match the hair color of your hair system for men. It is the most crucial part of your undetectable look. It has to blend so that it becomes a part of their personality. You obviously can't differentiate between the hair unit and hair color. It will ruin your credibility.

If you pick human hair units, you have the option of dyeing them completely to match your hue. Always remind the customer to take plenty of time while choosing a hair color. This is because a synthetic hair system cannot be colored entirely into the shade the client demands after the whole process is completed.

3. The texture of the hair:

The number of different hair textures and varieties that exist on this planet can be easily counted. Whenever the customer orders a hair unit, the supplier goes through the whole inventory to look at that hair unit that perfectly fits your hair using a hair sample. If you are opting for synthetic hair, then the hair system will not be able to change the style or texture of your hair using heat.

4. The density of the hair:

The density of the hair deeply affects the price of your hair unit. The density of the hair always has an impact on one’s look. Even if it is perfectly natural, having thick, dense hair in old age makes hair suspect because even a man in his prime does not have extremely thick full head hair.

The hair system is ready-to-wear and may be customized. You need a wonderful resource to supply amazing hair systems, wigs, hair units, and hairpieces for men and women who meet their needs.

5. The length of the hair:

Whether a customer prefers a long or short hairdo, we recommend purchasing a longer hairpiece. Long hair can be trimmed and styled according to the client's wishes and specifications. The short hair system, on the other hand, cannot be trimmed or longed for according to the client's desire.

6. The fiber of the hair:

Human hair can be styled and modified in any way as the client wants. If your client possesses synthetic hair, then it cannot be changed once it goes through a certain way. In synthetic and human air, two factors play a great role in differentiating them. One is price, and the other one is appearance or look.

Human hair systems are more costly, but their durability is longer than all the others available in the market. Synthetic hair systems, on the other hand, are less expensive. You are required to make regular purchases to provide the same service.


Hair loss has become the most common issue that almost everyone faces, including young individuals. To get rid of this hair loss, there are two options currently available in the market. One of them is a surgical hair replacement, and the other one is a non-surgical hair replacement.

As surgical one is quite expensive, and not everyone can afford it. People back off from such an option and go for a non-surgical one. In non-surgical replacement, hair systems are available. Hair systems are gaining major popularity nowadays. There are a few factors to consider when buying the perfect hair system for your clients. If you find one that is an all-in-one, then your clients will be more than happy with the replacement results.