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Styling Tips for Men with Hair Systems

Jun 29,2022

There are many ways in which men can style their hair systems by using several products that serve the purpose of keeping the hair systems gorgeous. Wigs require as much care and styling as naturally growing hair to maintain the durability and ensure freshness. With the advancement in technology and increasing research in the field, the number of hair styling products and techniques available on the market is growing rapidly. It becomes essential for a man to know what his hair system needs and then go for the right products. The best way to find out what suits a particular hair system is to consult a professional in this regard. However, few universally recognized tips and tricks will help men style their hair systems with little to no damage.

Styling Tips

This article entails the ultimate guide on styling men's hair systems.

Wash the Hair System

Hair systems styling works the best when the hair systems are properly cleaned. Therefore, washing the hair system is an important tip. You can use a good shampoo and conditioner in consultation with your stylist to wash your hair system. You can also apply a leave-in conditioner if you use heat to style your hair. Washing keeps your hair systems clean and prepares them for the styling procedure.

Using Styling Products to Keep it Fresh

Styling products keep your hair firmly in place and make them look fresh for a long time. These products are specially made for different hair types. Checking that you are purchasing the right product for your hair system is advisable. You can use regular hair products such as gels and sprays for your hair system, although they do not moisturize and regenerate like natural human hair. Make sure to follow the primary care and maintenance routine after washing your hair. It is preferable to use alcohol-free products as they prevent unnecessary dryness and damage while having the same fixing and a practical fixing effect. When it comes to synthetic hair, you need to be careful with selecting gels and hair strays so that the synthetic fibers of your hair system do not deteriorate quickly.

Curling the Synthetic Hair System

If you want to curl your synthetic hair, the best way to do it is by using cold curlers and lukewarm water. After allowing your hair system to dry, it comes out of the curler with gorgeous curls. In the case of synthetic hair systems, a heating curling iron is not recommended as these hair pieces are susceptible to heat and can damage. You need to be extra careful when styling your synthetic wigs as the fibers of these wigs are sensitive to several factors such as heat and alcoholic products, etc.

Coloring the Hair System

If you are bored with your hair color and want to experiment with something new, you can do it with the help of a professional stylist. However, if you think you can do the job by yourself, you can color your hair system at home too. Both human and synthetic hair systems for men can be dyed; however, dying a human hair system yields better results. You cannot dye synthetic hair strands lighter. If you think you want to dye your synthetic hair system, it is advisable to start with a lighter color by using fabric dye or cream color dye. It is much easier to dye human hair as the procedure is almost the same for natural hair. However, in the case of the human hair system, the hair piece will not grow any damaged hair. Therefore, wash your system after dying, so it stays clean, healthy, and soft.

Pat Dry and Use Wig Combs

Men think it will dry quickly if they rub their hair harder after washing. However, in reality, this practice just causes breakage. Rubbing your hair system hardly poses irreparable damage to its fibers and reduces the durability and longevity of the hair system. If you want to style your hair while avoiding d putting any extra stress on your hair piece, it is advisable to pat dry and use wig combs. Wig combs are designed for hair systems to preserve their texture and shine.

Loosen Up Your Hair

Another styling tip for your hair system is to avoid tightening your hair. Avoid tight hats as the hair strands rub against the threads of the cap and lose their freshness and charm. Moreover, if you have long locks, avoid tightening your hair in a ponytail as it may result in unwanted damage. Any practice that causes friction between hair and surfaces is unsuitable for your hair system.

Avoiding Over-Washing

A common mistake that most men make is over washing their hair systems. You must limit washing your hair system to a few times a week. Styling requires washing, but if you over-wash your hairpiece, you may have trouble making even the simplest of styles as over washing compromises the elasticity of hair strands, particularly in the case of synthetic hair systems.

Steps Involved in Styling Men's Hair Systems

Most men have short hair. This makes the styling process more manageable.

  • First of all, make sure that your base cap is completely dry.
  • Then gently brush your hair to get rid of entanglements. Do not pull your hair too firmly.
  • Use a blow dryer at low to medium temperature. Avoid excessive heating so that you do not burn your hair system.
  • Hold the blow dryer a few inches away from your hair.
  • To increase or decrease your hair volume, use a wig comb.


Hair systems require special care, especially when it comes to styling. Using the wrong styling products and techniques can result in undesired and irreparable damage to your hair system. For men, styling techniques are not very difficult as they usually have short hair. But, a little unfair practice can prove damaging for the gorgeous hairpiece. Therefore, following a proper aftercare routine and consulting a professional is always recommended to enhance the beauty of hair systems by styling them.