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Top Reasons why a thin skin men’s hair system is best for men!

Jun 17,2022

Men have always worn hairpiece systems. During the Victorian era and up until the Industrial Revolution, hairpieces and hair systems were something both men and women wore. There was no social norm that made hair systems for women only.

Sadly, that has changed. Nowadays, men who wear hair systems are looked at unfavorably and at the same time, expected to have a full head of hair. It is truly ironic. There are many valid reasons why men may want to wear hair systems and they shouldn't be stigmatized for that.

In this article, we will explore some of these reasons, and show why a thin hairpiece system is the best hair system for men. Today, hair pieces for men have been stigmatized and the men that wear them are sometimes viewed in a less-than-favorable light. Still, there is a good list of practical and cosmetic reasons for men to choose to wear hair pieces

Why would a man need a men hair system?

There are a plethora of reasons why a man would need a hairpiece system, and we’ll look at them below.

  1. Balding Or Thinning Hair

This is one of the major and most popular reasons why any man would be interested in a hair piece. Thinning or balding can be as a result of genetics, illness, or some other factor. This hair state may take a toll on the confidence of a man, hence, the need for a hair system. But it’s not just a loss in confidence, balding hair also leaves the exposed skin open to the sun’s rays and raises the risk of skin cancer.

  • Cost

Generally, hairpiece hair system replacement is a cheaper alternative than all-out surgical hair replacement systems. Not only does it take longer for hair to grow back, in the latter option, there’s also lots of medication involved.

  • Style change

Men also need a change of appearance. Everyone sometimes needs to try something new with their looks and take a step away from their usual style. It could be changing your wardrobe or cutting your hair different. Hairpiece hair replacement systems provide a good alternative for men who aren’t willing to experiment with their natural hair, or do not have enough hair for that new style.

Types of hairpieces

There are several classifications of hairpieces. They include permanent hair which is attached with adhesive, and could be removed after some months; semi-permanent and clip attachments, which are more temporary.

Hairpieces can also be classified into thick skin hair systems and thin skin hair systems.

Why a thin skin men’s hair system is best?

Thin skin hair systems have grown increasingly popular and widely utilized as a practical hair system alternative all over the world. They are very thin and built of a soft polyurethane (PU) basis that mimics the look of real skin. In general, the thinner the PU, the more natural-looking the hairpiece, the more comfortable it feels. However, there are several other reasons why thin skin men’s hairpiece systems are more popular than the rest. They include:

  • It is less expensive than mesh hair systems
  • They are  more durable
  • Easier to attach unto the scalp
  • It does not feel abrasive on the scalp Instead, it is ultra-soft and does not irritate the skin.
  • Thin hair systems are extremely simple to maintain and do not require routine maintenance.

These are some reasons why the thin skin men’s hairpiece system is your best choice amongst the hair system for men category. It’s extremely comfortable with zero-damage features, something anyone would want to see when they search ‘hair system near me”.

GoodYard Hair offers a diverse selection of thin skin hair systems, including both stock and bespoke choices. Our thin skin hair ranges from 0.012mm to numbers way below that, depending on your choice. They are customizable and made with 100% Original Remy hair for a natural finish. It’s a stylist dream!

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