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Micro Ring Hair Extensions: The Good, The Bad, and The Reason Hairstylists Love Them

Jun 03,2022

You’ve heard of tape-in, keratin-bonded, and clip-in extensions. But do you know about the wonder that is micro ring extensions? No? Let’s show you what they are and why hairstylists simply can’t do without them.

What are micro ring hair extensions?

Micro ring hair extensions are a permanent way of attaching hair extensions to your natural hair. They are also known as nano rings, micro tube, micro loop, or micro bead hair extensions. They come in the form of little hair bundles that are wrapped around small parts of your own hair, usually with a silicone lined bead. They typically have a three-month lifespan, and can last longer if you go for regular touch ups.

Why do we love micro ring hair extensions?

There are so many reasons why micro rings are any hairstylist’s favorite. Some of them include:

  • They are safe and less likely to cause damage because they do not require glue or heat to be attached to your natural hair.
  • They are simple to maintain and wash.
  • They are flexible and can be customized easily. This includes hot styling, dyeing, and perming.
  • They can be reused several times.
  • The tiny rings may be adjusted by moving them up and down, giving you that length variety you crave.
  • Micro rings blend easily, especially after the first wash, and give a natural look when installed right.

It’s obvious micro rings are the hairstylist’s dream; no wefts to hide, easy to install, flexible, and good on your customer’s hair. However, you should be cautious when choosing micro rings hair extensions. Only go for quality Remy hair that will last long and be worth every cent of your client’s money. No one wants hair that looks like a rat’s nest.

And that’s where we come in.

At Goodyard Hair, you’re sure of affordable, budget-friendly, and quality micro ring hair options in most  colors and selections.

Here’s what you — and your clients — enjoy when you shop micro ring hair extensions from The GoodYard Hair Store:

  1. Quality Options: We don’t do cheap hair here, nossiree. At Goodyard, you get a selection of quality Remy hair at different price ranges too. This means we have good hair for all budget types — you get good hair, they get good hair, we all get good hair! Our micro ring hair extensions come in Pure Virgin Remy Hair, Virgin Remy Hair, and Common Remy Hair. Just for you.

  • Quick & Easy Application: You don’t need a degree in astrophysics to install micro ring extensions from GoodYard. Our hair does not need any glue or bonding adhesive — it doesn’t come with one either. This no-glue advantage means that there is no damage to natural hair or scalp; it also means your micro ring hair can be styled, bleached, or colored in whatever way you, or your client, prefer.

  • Extensive Service: Asides providing you with the best micro ring hair extensions on the internet, and off it, we also provide professional salon support for all our customers.Yes, we will answer all your questions even after your purchase, and also share resources on hair and salon care! Every Goodyard representative is an experienced hand at hair and styling, so you’re never alone. We got you.

  • Lightning Fast Shipping: We know how quick you want your hair in your hands. So, we’ve pre-stocked basic colors for micro ring extensions and they’re all semi-finished to guarantee quick shipment. No waiting for manufacturing, no stress.

Now you know what you’re missing out on, go add those beautiful tresses to your cart ASAP!