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7 Nifty Ways To Hide Hair Extension Wefts

May 29,2022

It’s one thing to wear hair extensions, and it’s another thing to wear them well. People wear extensions because they want that extra flair. They want that glamorous hairdo everyone thinks is natural. And even when it’s completely artificial, it should be as natural-looking as possible.

No matter how easy it is to get extensions, it’s not just simply adding hair extensions willy nilly to your natural tresses. You need to make sure the resulting hair looks good and lasts. No customer would want a hairstyle that’ll turn to a tangled mop in two weeks — not with hair extension prices these days. You will have to install and style the extensions in a way that makes it indistinguishable from natural hair. Of course, this is not an easy task. Hence, in this article, we will show you 7 important ways to hide hair extension wefts during installation and how to make your hair extension styles look natural after installation too.

Tips for hiding hair extension wefts during installation

Here’s how to ensure no wefts show when adding extensions to natural hair:

1. You musn’t use all the hair

Hair extensions come heavy or light depending on the kind of weft and quality. However, no matter how light your extensions are, note that you mustn't use the whole bundle or bag. It is important to know how much hair you need for a style. You should also pay attention to the texture of the natural hair. If you are working with fine or thinning hair, do not overburden the scalp with hair extensions else you might cause extensive hair damage. It’s also hard to conceal heavy wefts with natural hair.

2. Double-check your wefts

When people type “hair extension salons near me,” they aren’t looking for a salon that does shoddy extension work. They want a thorough, clean, hairstyle with no wefts poking through and falling off.

You can avoid the embarrassment of unsecured stray wefts by checking that your hair extension has been sewn, bonded, clipped, or taped-in properly. Be sure to comb every section of natural hair you work with before adding your extensions; this ensures your wefts lay flat against the scalp and hair. Once you are done laying a section, double-check to see if it’s secure.

3. Give the roots space

Hair extensions should not be installed at the root. It won’t lie flat against the scalp and it won’t be flexible either. Instead, add your hair extensions clip in or weft 1cm away from the root of the hair. This will remove bumps, and reduce the stress on your locks too.

4.  Leave some natural hair

You cannot conceal hair extensions without natural hair. To completely cover your hair extension wefts, leave enough of your own hair on top of the extensions. A nifty hack to this is ensuring you don't add in your wefts any higher than eye level, so you have enough hair to sit on top and provide cover.

Tips for hiding wefts after Installation

Now you’re done with adding your hair extensions, here’s how to ensure no wefts show up during the styling stage:

5. Add some flair to your hair

Hair extensions can be left straight, but if you want to make your extensions and hair blend better, add a slight curl to your hair. Curling your natural locks also helps to add volume to the look. But, you must be careful. Do not use excessive heat or you might end up damaging the hair extension and the scalp too

6. Tease out some natural hair

Tease your natural strands to properly disguise hair extension wefts. You can do this by finding the strands in between the tapes and separating  strategically. Of course, make sure not to over-tease or it’ll lead to  strange bulges and bumps.

7. Apply root retouching sprays

Every hair extension salon should have root retouch sprays. Not only do these lifesavers help conceal white hairs and iffy roots, the mineral micro-pigments in them can help hide hair extension wefts too. Remember to not spray too close to the roots, and make sure you choose a root retouching spray that is as close to the hair extension color as possible.

Hope these tips help you on your next hair extension installation. But remember, these hacks will be useless if you do not pair them with top quality hair. Always go for 100% Remy hair that is natural-looking, light, and easier to blend with natural locks. You should also buy hair extensions with thin wefts that are either transparent or flesh-colored. At Goodyard Hair, we have all this and more. Take a look at our extensive hair collection and grab yourself quality hair at amazing prices today.