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Rock those lengths—or not! The best hair extensions for short hair

May 20,2022

There are a variety of reasons why people cut their hair short. It could be because they don’t want to continually think about how to style their hair, or the current hair extension prices. It can also be because of thinning or fragile hair.

No matter the reason, having short hair is beautiful and easier to maintain. However, short hair can also be difficult to style, especially if you want to add some length. Don’t fret though, it is not impossible.Extensions are a trendy issue right now for girls who are rocking the short hair scene yet want a different look! They give you leeway to style hair as you wish and help ive volume too. As a result, many women are beginning to consider them...and for good reason! They are incredible!

But, it can be quite chanllenging to switch up your short length for longer tresses, especially if you’ve never worn hair extensions. You have to choose from a plethora of hair extension wefts and hair extension styles—it’s a hair circus. Because it might be confusing at times, we've collected a brief list of the hottest extensions you can use to modify or highlight your short hair!So, let's get started on getting you the hair of your dreams and you rocking your style with a new level of confidence!

Can hair be too short for hair extensions?

If you thought people with short hair don’t google “hair extension salons near me,” think again. As a stylist, you should have a range of hair extension choices for all your clients, in case they want to change their look.

Not sure you can add hair extensions to short hair? You can! The best kind of short hair for adding hair extensions is the bob. The shortest length is 3 inches, but it’ll be a little trickier and would require more skill.

Depending on your length, your chosen hair extension for short hair might be permanent or temporary. You can use temporary extensions (clip-ins) for longer lengths, like a bob or jaw-line hair. On the other hand, shorter hair, like pixie cuts, will go better with more permanent hair extensions.

Different hair extension options for short hair

Depending on the hairstyle, hair length, and hair type, you can use the following hair extensions to add flair to short hair or transform it altogether:

1. Clip-ins: Hair extensions clip-in pieces are easy to install and inexpensive too. If you need a quick remix on your style, add clip-ins. However, regular clip-ins are heavy and can weigh down your scalp, leading to hair damage. Instead of regular ones, you can stock Goodyard Clip-ins in your hair extension salon. Our PU clip-ins are invisible, so they blend easily into your hair. They are also thinner, softer and don’t come with all that extra weight.

2. Glue or Keratin bonds: You can glue permanent hair extensions to short hair. In this process, you attach pre-bonded hair sections to your hair, half an inch away from your scalp. A healthier version are the keratin-bonded hair extensions, but they don’t hold as well as glue-ins.

If you’re not into glue or keratin bonding, you can also try M-tied weft hair extensions, they are lighter and easier to customise.

3. Halos and Headbands:  Headband and halo hair extensions for short hair usually come as a single piece, like a wig. You can put it beneath your hair or intertwine it with your locks. The fun part is that it’s not time-consuming and can be removed easily. Halo hair extensions are a wedding favorite for brides to achieve volume, and can also be used for other special events.

4. Tape-ins:  Tape-in extensions are also fun alternatives when choosing hair extensions for your short hair. Tape-ins are usually made with transparent or skin-colred adhesive tape at the end. They are easy to install and don’t require any new training. They also look great on straight hairstyle, and blend naturally into your hair.

Pro tips for installing short hair extensions

It’s not just about knowing what hair extensions to add to short hair, you should look at other factors too. Here are some tips for  styling short hair with extensions:

  • Pay attention to the weight of the extra hair. Thin hair should not be burdened by heavy tresses, else it might cause hair loss.
  • Use shorter extensions for weaker or shorter hair. Bobs shouldn’t suddenly change to waist-length locks. It may look less natural too.
  • To install hair extensions, divide the hair into sections with the biggest part tied on the top of the head. It blends easier this way.
  • To help your clip-ins stay in place, tease your strands out and start installing your extensions from beneath.  

Everyone deserves to wear the hair they can glow in, and hair extensions provide this freedom. With extensions, you can have the freedom of rocking short hair today, and longer tresses tomorrow. That’s the beauty! But you know something else that’s more beautiful? Quality hair extensions that last and protect your hair. And that’s what we’ll provide. always.